Justin Brayton's Win Bonus Included...A Hot Tub!?


Vital MX: Shortly after Justin Brayton's amazing first win at Daytona, some members of the forum questioned what JB's bonuses would look like on a private team. While we can say we've heard he was compensated at a comparable level to most top guys, he also got something a little extra special...A HOT TUB! Riding for a team owned by a man with a hot tub accessories brand, along with the title sponsor that is a hot tub company itself has its advantages. Once again, congrats to Brayton and super cool of Genova/Leisure Concepts....along with Dave from Bullfrog Spa for giving Justin something a little extra special to commemorate the first Supercross win for the rider and team. A nice little reminder if you're looking for a hot tub/spa, there's a brand supporting the heck out of motocross.

Pulp MX/Swizcore's photoshop of Brayton in his new spa is worth a laugh or two too...make sure you tune into the Monday night Pulp MX show, which is archived, to hear how it all went down. 

Pulp MX Episode 331 Show Link