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Welcome, one and all, to the 2018 Vital MX Supercross Fantasy League! This league will be run in more of a traditional format, although it will be a bit different from most of the other fantasy sites. Keep reading to find out all of the info you need to know.

Quick Hits

- It's free - Easy to play, no upkeep - Traditional roster style format - Adds a bit more spice to your Vital Bench Racing experience


This league will not run on the "pick new riders every week" format that a lot of SX/MX leagues use. You will choose a roster based on the guidelines we've laid out below, and that will be your team for the entire season. Not only does this make it more interesting, but you won't have to worry about getting all of your picks in each week. You just have to check back and see how you did, and then maybe discuss each week's results with others. Scores will be calculated and standings will be updated every week. It should be noted that, while I'm pleased to be running this, I am a full-time college student in addition to working for Vital, so standings may be updated on Sunday or they may be updated on Thursday; the point is it may not always be the same day, but the standings will be updated before the next round.


Each rider on your team earns the exact same amount of points for this league as they do in real life. So, for example, if you have Eli Tomac on your team, and he wins a main event, you get 26 points just like he does. If he gets 22nd and earns one point, so do you.

There will also be opportunities for bonus points, though, and you can check 'em out below: - Fastest Qualifier (250 & 450) = 1 Bonus Point - Heat Race Win (250 & 450) = 1 Bonus Point - Holeshot (250 & 450) = 1 Bonus Point - 450 Tier B rider gets on the podium = 2 Bonus Points - 450 Tier C rider gets inside the top five = 3 Bonus Points - 250 Tier B rider gets on the podium = 2 Bonus Points

Roster Selection

An easy way to look at how you will select your roster is that you are the manager of a 450/250 factory team, and you need to fill up your roster according to your budget. Your budget allows for a certain amount of riders from each "tier", so you have to pick who you think will do the best from the riders that are available. It should be noted that while you can split up your 250 riders based on the coasts they are predicted to race on, you do not have to. You can pick all of your 250 riders from the same coast if you want to. You can also pick one rider who is predicted to race West and three riders who are predicted to race East. It's up to you. You also have the opportunity to pick a fill-in rider for each class. This rider will hop into one of your spots if a rider gets hurt. If multiple of your riders get injured, you're going to be stuck with at least one vacancy. The roster selection breakdown is as follows: - 1 rider from 450 Tier A - 1 rider from 450 Tier B - 1 rider from 450 Tier C - 1 fill-in rider from 450 Tier C - 2 riders from 250 Tier A - 2 riders from 250 Tier B - 1 fill-in rider from 250 Tier B

You must have your roster selection posted in this thread by 9 PM PST on January 5th. No exceptions, because that is the day I will build the final spreadsheets that I will use for scoring. See a sample roster selection post here:

Rider Tier Lists

450 Tier A

- Cooper Webb - Davi Millsaps - Eli Tomac - Blake Baggett - Cole Seely - Ken Roczen - Dean Wilson - Jason Anderson - Marvin Musquin - Broc Tickle

450 Tier B

- Justin Barcia - Josh Grant - Benny Bloss - Chad Reed - Justin Brayton - Jake Weimer - Vince Friese - Justin Bogle - Weston Peick - Kyle Cunningham - Josh Hansen

450 Tier C

- Nick Schmidt - Adam Enticknap - Dakota Tedder - Tyler Enticknap - Ronnie Stewart - Henry Miller - Dustin Pipes - Alex Ray - David Pulley - Ben Lamay - Tyler Bowers

250 Tier A

- Jeremy Martin - Christian Craig - RJ Hampshire - Zach Osborne - Joey Savatgy - Martin Davalos - Austin Forkner - Adam Cianciarulo - Justin Hill - Jimmy Decotis - Aaron Plessinger - Dylan Ferrandis - Colt Nichols - Mitchell Oldenburg - Alex Martin - Shane McElrath - Jordon Smith

250 Tier B

- Chase Sexton - Cameron McAdoo - Dakota Alix - Anthony Rodriguez - Kyle Chisholm - Hayden Mellross - Noah McConahy - Mitchell Harrison - Michael Mosiman - Kyle Peters - Phil Nicoletti - Justin Cooper - Sean Cantrell - Fredrik Noren - Luke Renzland - Jayce Pennington - Tallon Lafountaine - Bradley Taft - Justin Hoeft


There will be three lists of standings: 250, 450, and combined 250 and 450. Both 250 coasts will be combined into one list, so making sure that you have evenly split up your 250 riders is not required. If there is a tie at the end of the year, I'll go down the list of how many rounds each person won, podiumed, and then move on from there. If it is a dead tie, because they had virtually the same roster or some other weird situation, it will probably go to who posted their roster first.


I plan on giving the champion of each class a virtual number one plate to display on their virtual shelf. It's not much, but hey, this is a free league. You also get a whole year to brag if you win; sounds pretty good to us!

If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them. Otherwise, good luck!

Contact Me

Instagram (@gdawson243)

Snapchat: gdawson2

You should give someone a free Premium VitalMX Membership... I know I enjoy it much more than the regular membership, the price is a bit steep though.

EDIT: I Have to renew my subscription, do I still send the money to the Cayman Islands account Gibby?

do we post our picks in here or on another thread?

"What happens to your hands when you crash?"
"I put my hands up real quick to protect my sunglasses"

450 Ken roczen (tier A) Chad reed ( tier B Adam enticknap (tier C) Roonie Stewart (fill in) 250 Jeremy martin (tier A) Adam cianciarulo (tier A) Justin cooper (tier B Sean Cantrell (tier B

Chase sexton (fill in)

450 Roster: - Eli Tomac (Tier A) - Weston Peick (Tier B ) - Alex Ray (Tier C) - Nick Schmidt (Fill-in) 250 Roster: - Zach Osborne (Tier A) - Shane McElrath (Tier A) - Justin Cooper (Tier B ) - Bradley Taft (Tier B ) - Kyle Chisholm (Fill-in)

450 - Eli Tomac ( Tier A ) - Justin Barcia ( Tier B ) - Alex Ray ( Tier C ) - Tyler Bowers ( Fill-in )


- Zach Osborne ( Tier A ) - Adam Cianciarulo ( Tier A ) - Mitchell Harrison ( Tier B ) - Justin Cooper ( Tier B ) - Cameron McAdoo ( Fill-in )

enketchum wrote:

do we post our picks in here or on another thread?

You post them in this thread. The deadline is Jan. 5th at 9 PM PST.

Contact Me

Instagram (@gdawson243)

Snapchat: gdawson2

450 -Marvin Musquin (Tier A) -Weston Peick (Tier B ) -Nick Schmidt (Tier C) -Adam Enticknap (Fill in)


-Zach Osborne (Tier A) -Joey Savatgy (Tier A) -Mitchell Harrison (Tier B ) -Sean Cantrel (Tier B )

-Kyle Chisholm (Fill in)

450 - Eli Tomac (Tier A)

- Justin Brayton (Tier

- Henry Miller (Tier C) - Nick Schmidt (Fill in)


- RJ Hampshire (Tier A) - Aaron Plessinger (Tier A)

- Chase Sexton (Tier

- Mitchell Harrison (Tier - Sean Cantrell (Fill in)

• 450 Roster: - Ken Roczen: Tier A - Chad Reed: Tier B - Tyler Bowers: Tier C - Adam Enticknap: Fill In • 250 Roster: - Christian Craig: Tier A - Zach Osbourne: Tier A - Kyle Chisholm: Tier B - Chase Sexton: Tier B - Cameron McAdoo: Fill In

Wow this is really hard. Especially in Tier C 450 beacuse you don't know which of these guys will race all of the rounds But nice format. I don't quite have the balls to pick Kenny 450 A Eli Tomac 450 B Justin Brayton 450C Henry Miller 450C Fill in Nick Schmidt 250A Zach Osborne Aaron Plessinger 250B Chase Sexton Justin Cooper 250 B Fill-in

Sean Cantrell

450 Roster: - Eli Tomac ( Tier A ) - Weston Peick ( Tier B ) - Tyler Bowers ( Tier C ) - Adam Enticknap ( Fill-in ) 250 Roster: - Zach Osborne ( Tier A ) - Christian Craig ( Tier A ) - Mitchell Harrison ( Tier B ) - Cameron McAdoo ( Tier B ) - Sean Cantrell ( Fill-in )

2014 KTM 300 XC Pacific Northwest

450 Roster: - Eli Tomac ( Tier A ) - Josh Grant ( Tier B ) - Henry Miller ( Tier C ) - Tyler Bowers ( Fill-in ) 250 Roster: - Zach Osborne ( Tier A ) - Justin Hill ( Tier A ) - Mitchell Harrison ( Tier B ) - Chase Sexton ( Tier B )

- Phil Nicoletti ( Fill-in )

450 Roster Eli Tomac ( Tier A ) Weston Peick ( Tier B ) Nick Schmidt ( Tier C ) Tyler Bowers ( Fill in ) 250 Roster Zach Osborne ( Tier A ) Christian Craig ( Tier A ) Phil Nicoletti ( Tier B ) Chase Sexton ( Tier B )

Kyle Chisholm ( Fill in )

450 Roster: Tomac (Tier A)

Brayton (Tier

Enticknap (Tier C) R Stewart (Fill in) 250 Roster: Cianciarulo (Tier A) Osbourne (Tier A)

Sexton (Tier

Cooper (Tier
Renzland (Full in)

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