Lei Days: The WM Pipe House Aloha Blog Part Two.


WM Pipe House Aloha Vibes

Photos and Words by Mike Emery | @emeryphoto

There are sometimes moments in this line of work that make you scratch your head in amazement. This past weekend I went from the pouring rain, mud, and hype of Anaheim One to the beaches of the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii within 24 hours. Why, might you ask? Simple, to join the Weedmaps Moto crew for their 2019 WM Pipe Dreams experience where all of their collective Moto, Surf, Skate, and BMX teams join together to enjoy the island for a week. We'll be here capturing all the fun and everything in between alongside Colby Raha, Tom Parsons, and Jimmy Hill, so read up and follow these blogs to check it all out.

Wednesday Bike Life and Hike – January 9th: After a busy few days on the island, when Wednesday morning came the crew seemed ready to just kick it and soak in the North Shore. Luckily for the athletes, the catered all organic farm fresh meal prepped by local chefs was ready had them all set for a proper food coma mid day. To the beach we went, and with rising swell the waves were getting bigger by the minute. A nap or two later the attention focused toward the KLX110 that showed up on loan from a rad local.

Boo Johnson, getting his wheelie and logging a GoPro clip at the same time!

I've mentioned it before, but the coolest part about these Weedmaps trip like this is the fact that all the athletes hang out together pretty much the whole time when they aren't out collection footy or photos. Enter the KLX110, and pro skateboard Boo Johnson was all over it, working on his wheelies with the crew. Our local homie Chaddy Witz brought over a vintage XR75 and Tommy Sandoval (another pro skateboarder) jumped right on that and the two wouldn't stop ripping them. Jimmy and Tom watched with smiles and the vibes were aloha as usual.

Just as the day was starting to wind down, Tommy Sandoval and pro BMX rider Dylan Stark asked us if we wanted to join them on a hike. It ended up being basically a perimeter hike atop the island and ended up taking hours longer than expected, but was completely epic the entire time. We even stumbled upon this MTB area where Dylan was offered Chaddy's MTB for a huge gap, and he hit it first go after sizing it up for second. In a day that was supposed to be a rest day, we arrived back home completely tired from all the activity.

Weedmaps Surf athlete Bruce Irons carves into a backdoor barrel.

Thursday Chill/Surfing – January 10th: Ok, Thursday is now the day to rest! With no plan in motion to ride moto until Saturday because the motorcycles are only available on weekend, Tom Parsons wanted to cruise to the East Side of the island. Tom is into drone photography and videography, and scouted some spots as we drove around the island enjoying the views. Jimmy has been enjoying the daily yoga sessions they offer to the athletes, and also took advantage of the professional massage therapist that came through the house for any athletes in need. When Tom and I returned to the house, the surf was up and even though the first day of the Backdoor Shootout wasn't on it was littered with pro surfers getting after it. Jimmy contemplated paddling out, and I filmed the whole thing and put the clip on our Instagram (go find that.) The porch was filled with Weedmaps athletes of all disciplines cheering the surfers on with each insane barrel. This really did end up being the rest day, and everyone soaked it in as needed. And we also ate a lot of Acai bowls, too!

What does Colby Raha have planned? Just wait and find out!

Friday Building/Prep – January 11th: With only one day to prepare for the next ride day, our moto crew headed back into the private property that was offered to us by the friendly locals. With plywood, an old picnic table, and the permission to kind of do whatever we want, Colby got to work and made a makeshift kicker ramp that he plans on jumping some stuff with and getting creative. Massive thanks are in order to the kind locals that have been helping us out and allowing us to come out to this secret slice of paradise!

Underneath the massive tree atop the property, Colby, Jimmy, and Tom all set up a quick game of pool in paradise before we left. I thought it would be funny to shoot serious pool game face portraits so if you look through the gallery you'll be able to decide who might have won this epic match on the North Shore. The big ride day at Kahuku is tomorrow, where we plan to gather some more content and enjoy the beautiful landscape one more time.

As dusk fell, the boys jumped in the car to head to the tasty local food trucks that are right near Foodland supermarket. With everything local fresh fish and seafood options to mexican food, we've been hitting these trucks nightly and it’s been a great way to kick back and reminisce each day. We're calling it an early night to rest up for the big day tomorrow. Check back and see it all in the final blog, but first check out some images below!