Out With A Bang: The WM Pipe House Aloha Blog Part Three.


Shakas and good times for these last days in Hawaii.



Photos and Words by Mike Emery | @emeryphoto

There are sometimes moments in this line of work that make you scratch your head in amazement. This past weekend I went from the pouring rain, mud, and hype of Anaheim One to the beaches of the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii within 24 hours. Why, might you ask? Simple, to join the Weedmaps Moto crew for their 2019 WM Pipe Dreams experience where all of their collective Moto, Surf, Skate, and BMX teams join together to enjoy the island for a week. We'll be here capturing all the fun and everything in between alongside Colby Raha, Tom Parsons, and Jimmy Hill, so read up and follow these blogs to check it all out.

Saturday Kahuku/Private Shred/SX Party – January 12th:

We've mentioned it before, but the fact that Hawaii is pretty far away from the mainland of the United States makes it pretty tough to have a bunch of bikes available for these guys to ride. That being said, the riders were lucky to link up with locals that were more than willing to let them ride their bikes for the couple of days we were able to moto on the island. Saturday was the final day to ride, and we had a big day planned with Kahuku motocross being first on the agenda. The crew was up early and ready to rip, all meeting up at the main athlete house for coffee, breakfast, and daily Pipeline/Backdoor wave watching with the crew. We then loaded up and headed off to Kahuku!

With a big race scheduled the next day, the track wasn't actually open to the public to ride but the great folks that run it opened their doors for us to play on the main track sections that local ripper Alex Fayerisen got up early to sculpt for us – many thanks!. The boys arrived with some help of Shane Murray who loaded up the bikes and showed up with a smile as always. Tom Parson's ride was parked in a super rad local named Mark's dream garage, and after we all hung out and bench raced for a bit he hopped on it and rode it right up the hill! The overnight rain showers had cleared up, and everybody was frothing to ride the magical Hawaiian dirt.

Watch and learn with the locals featuring Tom Parsons.

Jimmy and I scoped a very tropical berm shot that we quickly headed down to shoot some images of while Colby worked on getting his 2018 plastics on his 2019 loaner from local Tyler Hardy. The vibes of everybody Kahuku were all time, and you could just tell that the locals were super stoked to have these guys in town to ride. After returning to the top where Tom and Colby were suited up to rip, we all headed to the triple step up in the back and got to work. Classic Tom Parsons turndowns were flowing, and the rest of the guys jumped in on the session as locals gathered around. After wrapping up the riding, we stayed in gear and headed over to the private ranch that was previously offered to us and continued the fun.

Pulling up to the property again, we all got giddy to ride and capture photos and video here. Picture a plot of land so scenic that it almost seemed illegal to ride on, but it was completely allowed! With a setting sun and looming clouds, a wheelie session ensued with Waimea Bay in the background and we all scored incredible content that you'll see (some here and some in the mag!) Back in the woods sat Colby's homemade picnic table kicker, and the locals offered up their retro hatchback for him to launch over. Clearing it by around 30 feet, the photos were hyped and everyone involved was feeling grateful for all the success and excitement of the day. As if that wasn't enough, Alex offered to have everyone over for a BBQ and Supercross viewing party that night.

With a short drive down the coast we arrived at his house, where a spread of shrimp, steaks, fresh Ahi, appetizers, and plenty of drinks awaited us. We all watched Adam Cianciarulo and Blake Baggett score wins in Arizona and shortly after sat down for some games and laughs. It doesn't get much better than days like these, and we were all very thankful for the Hawaiian locals that made everything possible for the Weedmaps moto boys. Mahalo!

Colby Raha, Vertical over Waimea Bay.

Sunday Depart – January 13th: All good things must come to an end, and a 10am shuttle call to get back to the airport was the sure sign my Hawaiian adventure was coming to a close. Still, coffee and one last view of the rising swell and waves that were hitting was mandatory, and shortly after I said my goodbyes to the moto team (they stayed for a couple extra days – wouldn't you?) I jumped into the van with most of the skate team that was leaving. Arriving at the Honolulu airport with some spare time, the others and myself hit the airport bar for some funny stories and a little reminiscing before taking off and landing back in San Diego. What a journey, and I can't thank Weedmaps enough for curating a trip that brings so many unique and talented individuals to one place. Check out the photos below and stay tuned for more in print, but for now this is the end of the Weedmaps Pipe Dreams! Aloha and shakas to all!