Two-Minute Tech Tip With Monster Energy Kawasaki Mechanic Travis Parry


Tricks & Tips From A Race Mechanic


Would you like to cut down on the amount of time you spend working on your bike? Think that a few pointers from a professional race team technicians would help out when it’s time to spin the T-handles? We’ve thought the same things during the days at the track and in the garage, so we decided to tap into the knowledge of mechanics for a new feature. The concept we came up with is to share a tech tip that would cost almost no money or would help ease the difficulty of a routine maintenance task. For our first post, we asked Monster Energy Kawasaki mechanic Travis Parry for advice and he was quick to point out the way he protects the front brake line on the Kawasaki KX450 motorcycles that are raced by Josh Grant and Tyler Bowers. Take it away, TP…

“I wrap black electrical tape around the brake lines on all of my bikes. When I worked at RCH, I saw that Oscar Wirdeman was doing it to his brake lines. It keeps the brake lines nice because they aren’t getting hit directly by the roost and I pull it off and reapply it when I build the bike each week. I went one entire Supercross season on one front brake line and it looked new at the end.”

“I apply it from the top, just below the top clear sheathing and the shrink wrap on the brake line, all of the way down. Another thing we do is we wrap the inside of the brake line guide on the front number plate with a piece of material, the soft side of Velcro. This keeps the plastic and the brake line from wearing on each other.”