TWMXRS Racer Profile | Hunter Yoder | Transworld Motocross


Hunter Yoder

Age: 14

Hometown: Menifee, California

Classes: Schoolboy, Schoolboy2, 250B

Sponsors: Amsoil, Factory Connection, Fox Racing, Intense Cycles, Alpinestars, Yoshimura

You moved up to a Honda CRF250R a few months ago. Was it an easy transition?

Yeah, it was pretty easy. I rode the CRF150R before and that was a four-stroke also. I felt pretty comfortable as soon as I got on the 250, so it made for an easy transition.

Were you planning to make the move to a big bike this year in racing or was it just to play around on at first?

I was supposed to ride the Superminis this year but after I rode the 250 once, I felt pretty good on it, so we decided to make the switch.

You were the second rider on the factory Amsoil Honda CRF150R. Looking back now, what do you think of that race program? Is the bike competitive against two strokes?

I think it was awesome, it was a one-of-a-kind bike and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because only two people were ever allowed to ride it. I think it was an awesome opportunity. The bike has a lot of power, but it is a little bit heavier which slows it down a little, but it is definitely up there with two-strokes.

Did you have to make any modifications to your 250 for your height?

I had to cut the seat down a little bit. I actually got Jeremy Martin’s old seat and that was it.

How much more fun is the big bike? What's your favorite thing?

I have more power so it is a little bit easier to do some of the jumps. It’s a fun bike because before I was on a full race bike and now it’s just like a play bike.

You've got a few new teammates now. Do you all get along? Tell me about them.

Yeah, we all get along, Jet Lawrence loosens everyone up a little bit. He’s funny. Jo Shimoda and I are cool, we live like one street apart. We hang out a little bit.

You've been coming to the TWMX race series events for a long time now. Do you like the way they run the program?

I think it’s really good. You guys get on it super early in the morning so we can get out of here at the end of the day, not super late.

How do you train for racing during the week?

I go to the gym. I also ride road bikes and mountain bikes. Then obviously ride dirt bikes, I do motos and stuff.

What are your racing plans for 2019?

I’m supposed to do all of the nationals. Obviously, I’ll be on the new bike and in a new class, but nothing different besides that.

Do you have any inspirations you look up to in racing?

Ken Roczen is probably the biggest one, he had a really big comeback and I think his work ethic is very good. That’s what I want to be like.

With the Supercross season upon us, have you been keeping up with it all? When you watch the riders, are you get inspired by their techniques?

Yeah, I have been to two out of the four races this year, both Anaheims. I love going to watch and I get to go under the Honda tent, so I can see inside the rig and see what all the guys are doing before the race. I watch some of the guys riding styles and if I notice something different that I’m not doing and they are and clearly they’re better than me, so I feel like maybe I should do something different or change it completely if I don’t feel like I’m doing it right.