Round three of the 2017 Fall Classic Series, presented by SPY, has come to a close. For only the second time in the past five years, the TWMXRS visited Pala Raceway for a day full of good times and racing dirtbikes. The fast and challenging track, along with arguably the best dirt in Southern California, made for some great racing in nearly every class.

Well over 400 riders filtered through the opened gates of Pala Raceway for round three of the 2017 Fall Classic, and there were plenty of standout riders in almost every class. However, one specific rider caught our attention, during the morning, because of his pure passion for the sport. Jeffrey Rohn began talking dirt bikes with us shortly after racing had started, it was then when his extreme passion and love for the sport was made clear. Following the conversation, we kept our eyes on Jeffrey throughout the day, as he competed in the 40+ Beginner class aboard his Kawasaki. Even after taking a hard spill in his second moto, his smile could almost be seen through his helmet as we heard him laughing while picking up his bike. The Anaheim Hills resident continued to race and was chosen for the "SPY Breakaway Rider" award because of his passion for motocross. Congrats, Jeffrey!

It was awesome to hear “SPY Breakaway Rider” Jeffrey Rohn talk about his passion and love for the sport.

It's been a while since the TWMXRS has seen Michael Sandoval, but he made his appearance known in the Novice 250F class during round three of the 2017 Fall Classic. Michael is a familiar face at the TWMXRS, however an unfortunate crash left him with a broken leg and a seat on the sidelines for some time. Despite a good amount of time spent off of the bike, Michael dominated the Novice 250F class with two moto wins after snagging great starts in each moto. The Suzuki rider made it apparent that he has not lost any talent, nor speed, following his injury.

After suffering a leg injury, Michael Sandoval returned to racing and earned the overall win in Novice 250F.


Pala Raceway is well known for it's fast track, which is stacked full of huge jumps that are built from some of the best dirt in Southern California. Although the larger scale jumps provide some fun for the riders, they can also hinder the riders ability to flow around the track, if on a smaller CC bike. However, Cade Matherly seemed to have the track, along with all it's huge jumps, mastered aboard his KTM 125cc. The rider out of Encinitas managed to flow throughout the entire track and grease each and every landing with ease. While making the more challenging track seem simple, Cade was able to dominate the 125cc Open class with two moto wins and grab a second place against the 250F's in School Boy (125/250F).

Cade Matherly put on an impressive ride in the School Boy (125/250F) class and dominated the 125cc Open class with two moto wins.

One of the greatest things about the TWMXRS is watching the pee wee's and 50cc's tear up the track at such a young age. The Pee Wee Open Beginner class holds arguably the largest group of riders at each round of the TWMXRS, and round three of the 2017 Fall Classic was no different. 32 youngsters lined the gate at Pala Raceway in the Pee Wee Open Beginner class to have some fun. Among those young rippers was Matthew Levi Naranjo out of Riverside California. With such a huge class, Matthew beat the odds and made it through the first turn with no mistakes. Following his start, Matthew managed to stay up at the front of the pack for both of his motos, earning himself the overall win.

Matthew Levi Naranjo was able to reach the front of the pack in both of his motos and beat 31 other youngsters in his stacked Pee Wee Open Beginner class.