TWMXRS FALL CLASSIC | LACR | Transworld Motocross


By: Chase Curtis

Round four of the 2017 TWMXRS Fall Classic, presented by SPY, has come to an end. The Transworld Motocross race series headed up to Palmdale, California to LACR MX, where over 400 racers gathered for an exciting day of racing. The weather proved to be beautiful through-out the day, as the track continued to hold some great lines for racing. The larger jumps provided racers with some airtime to show-off their style, as the sandy bowls allowed riders to carry speed throughout the entire course.

Matt Hubert has to hold the fastest lap time at LACR, after he shredded the sandy course with pure domination.

We've talked about him before, and we are going to talk about him again. Matt Hubert, TWMXRS regular, had one of the most impressive racing days we've seen. Matt easily put down some of the fastest lap times LACR has witnessed, as he managed to finish ahead of all of the 450 Pro contenders, though racing in the Intermediate class. After a dominating performance in 450 Intermediate, Hubert went on to finish his perfect day with another overall sweep in the Open non-pro class.

TWMXRS youngster, RJ Warda, proved his dominance once again after snagging two overalls on the day.

The Open 85-150f/Supermini class proves to hold some of the most exciting racing at each TWMX race and such held true at LACR, for round four of the 2017 Fall Classic. TWMXRS regular, RJ Warda, proved his dominance in the class after snagging another overall win. The youngster out of Rancho Cucamonga, California, now sits 11 points ahead of second place in the overall series standings of the Open 85-150F/Supermini class. However, RJ's successful day didn’t stop there, as he earned another overall win in the Big Wheel Open 85/150F class.

Jake Keiffer walked away with the overall win in 125cc Open after a great battle with his friend.

The 125cc Open class is full of confident racers who are just beginning their ventures on a big bike. The young rider's energy and confidence levels always make the class an exciting one to watch. Round four of the 2017 Fall Classic brought out Jake Keiffer and Jesse Grasso to do battle aboard their 125cc two-strokes. The two racers are great friends on and off of the track, but when it came to the gate-drop the two put on one of the best battles we have seen. Jesse received pressure from Jake the entire first moto, as the two swapped lines and held their 125cc's pinned from corner to corner. Despite the pressure, Jesse Grasso managed to keep his friend behind him and take the win in the first moto. When second moto came around, the two set-out to continue their enjoyable battle. However, this time around Jake managed to snag a slightly better start, which left Jesse to apply the pressure. The two racers battled till the checkered flag, but is was Jake Keiffer who came out on top. Families and friends of the pair congratulated each racer on their amazing ride, as Jake and Jesse put on the most exciting race of the day by-far.

Jesse Grasso may not have gotten the overall win in 125cc Open, but he did win the first moto and put together a great, yet clean, battle with his friend.