Just who is this MX Yoga guy, and what does that mean?


Terry Miller


Hometown: Imperial, CA

Classes Raced: Vet Novice Open, 40 Novice

Sponsors: HYR, Roady’s Motorsports, O’neal, Spy, Enginize, Ryno Power, Acerbis, Blvd Active, Matix Clothing, Twin Air Performance Filters
You’re a regular in the Vet classes, is it fun racing guys you’re familiar with?
Racing out here is always fun because the guys tend to be a little more aggressive, even though we all want to go home at the end of the day. Like my first moto today it was just three wide and banging bars, everybody is yipping and hollering, it’s a really good feeling. We are all competing against each other, but we’re all also having a great time.

Will you be at TransAm in March?
Absolutely, depending on the dates because I am heavily committed to the Road to Mammoth and the King of the West Series, so as long as it is not those dates then I will be there for sure. I’ve been there the last couple of years.

With that, how do you think last year’s TransAm was?
Well. the first year I believe it was motocross soup, it was absolutely just rained out. The last year it was actually really nice, I remember leading up to it there was a bit of rain and a storm, but then the days of racing were actually really nice. The track was always in a really good condition. They do an awesome job maintaining it, grooming it, and getting it ready for a race.

Can you explain the “MX Yoga” on your jersey?
Yes, motocross yoga is basically like the concept of how people do yoga to kind of find as center balance in their life and I started riding four years ago, racing three years ago. I’m using motocross to kind of find peace, center of mind, you know? When you get going, everything slows down and you’re really in the moment. It’s a very very peaceful feeling, especially when you come off you’ve given everything you have, you have nothing left, you can probably barely even breathe, but you still feel like you accomplished something – even if you were dead last. You feel like “I finished the race! I feel good!” it focuses you and that’s what MX Yoga is, I use it to try and find a center in the craziness of life between life, balancing a job, having a family, and all of that.

How long have you been racing and what led you to choose motocross?
I am a corporate filmmaker by trade and I got inspired by Josh Grant, I did some aerial footage for him with a drone. I kind of saw him doing it and decided that’s something I wanted to do without never doing any of it before. So I went out and got a 450, actually I’m on day 271 today of riding and MX Yoga is a series that I’ve been documenting every day of riding since I started. It’s been an awesome, awesome experience.

Do you have anything special planned for day 365?
Well I’m working with a pro trainer now because this whole thing started with, “can I do it?” Now, I’ve got enough people in my corner and they’re pushing me, helping me train, helping me with my technique. So now the new goal is 500 days, I want to try and make pro by the 500th day.

Has anything inspired your journey?
At the end of the day, I’m learning something that I can pass down to my kids. My son, Andrew, is out here in his first TransWorld series as a beginner, so it’s something we can do together as a family. That’s the fun part about it.

Do you participate in any other sports or have any other hobbies?
No, anything racing. For training, we do off road runs and side by sides. Just recently got to race some exotics, you know like a Ferrari. Anything racing is my hobby, like I said I pretty much work my dream as a filmmaker, so it’s pretty hard to have a complaint or need something to keep you going.

What are your favorite types of tracks and track obstacles?
Whoops, I like them because they are an equalizer. There’s guys that are really fast everywhere else, but they hit the whoops and they slow down, you know it’s fun. I love doing them, I love hitting them with speed. In the last 6 months, I would say the track that I’ve grown to like has been sand. It has always been an Achilles heel to ride in sand, so I had to start getting better at it. Riding here at Glen Helen and LACR, my comfort level got better and I’m a little faster than I was. I’m having a lot more fun.

Since you are a regular here at the TransWorld Race Series, what do you think of our events?
I love how organized it is. You guys have sometimes with the big racers, you guys have 600-700 racers they have got to get through registration, get their transponders, and it’s hard to manage four kids, so to try and wrangle 500 people to get them to where they need to be is an accomplishment. There’s a lot of friendly faces, a lot of people coming up saying hello, people that follow the series are always friendly, always nice. It’s been a good experience.

Tell me about your bike and why you chose it and what have you done to make it work well for you? I have the YZ450F, I have a 16 and a 17. The 16 is the practice bike, the 17 is the race bike. What I have been working on the last 6 months has been modifying the bike to me. Whereas before I was modifying my riding style to be slightly out of comfort zone on the bike. We just put a Carmichael bend on the bars, which is a very low bend, which allows me with my short arms and short torso to get on top a little easier with less arm pump. I think we’re gonna cut down the subframe a little bit, so I can get a little bit of a lower stance. Incrementalism, you know? Slowly tweaking with the suspension, next is going to be playing with the mapping and trying to find one that isn’t a stock setting. I also just wanted to give a quick shout out to Craig, I see him out

at REM, he races out there. He’s always out there in the corner cheering me on and clapping, so it’s fun to have those type of people in your corner.