TWMX Race Series Racer Profile | Carson Mumford | Transworld Motocross


Age: 17

Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

Classes: 250 Pro, Pro Open

Sponsors: Amsoil Honda, X Dubai, Shift, Alpinestars, 100%, Atlas, Dunlop

AMSOIL Honda racer Carson Mumford came out to Milestone MX last weekend for the makeup round of the TWMX Race Series Fall Classic, and he absolutely dominated the pro classes aboard his Honda CRF250R. Mumford was sidelined for several weeks after the Monster Energy Cup when he had a rod removed from his femur, but it’s obvious that the time off didn’t slow him down at all.

Carson, this is the second time we’ve interviewed you for the TransWorld Motocross Race Series. The first time was years ago when you were on a Kawasaki KX85. You’ve come a long way since then, haven’t you?

Yeah! And the races kept getting better and better here at TransWorld. I’m gonna keep coming back for sure.

Today is your pro class debut with us and you’re mopping everybody up. You’ve only been back on the bike a little while after your femur rod getting out, right?

Yeah, this is day seven back on a bike. I’m just getting back into it and I just needed some gate drops. So I came out here to the local race and I am having a good time!

Were you going nuts while you were healing up?
Oh yeah, I was just watching every motocross movie I could. I just wanted to be back out there. I get super bored when I can’t ride a motorcycle!

How does the leg feel right now? Did they have to wait for the hole in your femur to heal up?
Yeah, they said it’s pretty strong, but it’s a little bit sore. I’m just trying to get the muscle back and stuff like that. I think the hole is pretty full now and it’s going to have to take something major to mess it up again, so I’m just hoping to steadily improve and just get stronger and stronger.

This is your first race back then. Does it feel good to be back on the starting line?
Yeah, it does! I forgot how to do a start in the first moto (laughs), I kind of had to go back to my basic technique and I got a holeshot that last moto.

The track is probably a little bit better for you today since it rained and there are some nice ruts.
Yeah, there are some really deep ruts, just like an East Coast track. All the vet guys probably aren’t liking it out here, but I’m having a great time!

We spent a lot of time with you this summer filming the FAST movie, I know you haven’t seen it, but are you pretty excited about it?

Oh yeah, I’m really excited about it! I think you guys did a really good job just telling both of our stories and it’s gonna be really cool to watch. I’ve seen the trailer and it is awesome.
We just couldn’t find any old footage of your dad on old number 51M… Oh, that would’ve been the best! Just throw some of that in there and just blow him out a little bit. 51M! That would be great.

Where do you go from here? What is the next big race for you?

Probably the Supercross Futures stuff. That’s like February and January so that will be good. Just to ride some Supercross again, that’ll be fun. So get ready for that pretty shortly!

What are your thoughts about that instead of Arenacross?

I like it just because I think when you came into the Arenacross series you kind of have a bullseye just with all the guys in their series didn’t really like you interfering with their point system and stuff like that. I think it’s cool how we have our own event now and we can be more on a level playing field.