2017 marked the return of the TMXRS to Pala Raceway during round 2 of the Terra Firma Series.  With 529 signups we were happy to be welcomed back to San Diego County and this world famous track.  Pala has always been known for its fantastic dirt and fun, fast layout.

This weekend on October 15th TWMXRS by SPY returns to Pala Raceway for round three of the Fall Series and we are looking forward to an even bigger turnout!  When TWMXRS comes to Pala we work with their crew to accommodate our racers.  The first stop involved installing a starting gate on the Vet track for the first time MX racing had taken place on Pala Raceways most popular track.  The Main Track also received some changes to limit the amount of triples and big gaps.  All in all we look forward to a great day of racing.  Some details and schedule info are below for you to make your plans for the weekend.  We look forward to seeing you there!  Don’t forget pre registration closes Saturday at 8am.  Pre register and save $5 per class!


Friday open practice on race layout 9:00am – 4:00 pm | Gates open until 8:00 pm for camping

Saturday open practice on race layout 9:00 am – 4:00 pm | Gates open until 10:00 pm for camping

Sunday gates open at 6:00 am | Race practice starts at 8:00am | Racing to follow

Overnight parking is $20 per night | Spectator and racer wristbands will go for $10 each on Sunday
Onsite Registration is available at the track Saturday 1-5pm and Sunday morning before racing.
Onsite Class Fees – 1st Class $40, Mini's $35, 2nd Class $15

All tracks at Pala Raceway will be closed to TWMXRS participants only on Sunday.

Contact the track for additional details 760/891-3570

We would like to address a couple of rules that we have seen being ignored at the past couple of races.  It is in the rules of the TWMXRS that no persons may enter the track area to spectate during the race or practice.  It is also part of our insurance requirements.  We have seen different tracks approach this in different ways but it is the policy of TWMXRS to restrict access on track during our events.  Non racers of all ages are seen standing on the track, crossing the track and not paying attention to other racers while doing so.  In order to prevent an injury to both racers and spectators we will now be working to assist tracks in enforcing this rule.  Our plan is to issue a unique wristband to only one person per racer of the 50cc classes to reduce all foot traffic on the track.  You will be given this wristband at registration and if you lose it, it cannot be replaced.  All other classes will not allow anyone past the staging / starting area of the tracks.

Race practice on Sunday mornings is also a limited opportunity for multiple skill levels to quickly get a look at the track before taking gate drops.  Each racer is assigned a practice sticker for the unique group they should be practicing with.  The structure is set up so that each rider should get a minimum of one and possibly two or three sessions depending on what classes they are registered for.  If you are caught riding in the wrong practice you will forfeit your gate pick position and receive the last gate pick of your moto.  Please help us by riding in only your practice group as these are built to increase safety amongst all the different skill levels we host at TWMXRS.  This will also assist us in getting the race schedule going early and finishing early.

See you this weekend!