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2019 Anaheim Two Supercross

It was a big night for the Troy Lee Designs Red Bull KTM Team as Shane McElrath walked away at the top of the podium Saturday night in Anaheim for the first Triple Crown Event of the season. The Triple Crown format consisted of three, 10-minute Main Events throughout the night with an Olympic style points system where the lowest points after all 3 main events would become the overall event winner earning 26 championship points. With his Triple Crown score of 3-2-1 Shane would take the first place finish this weekend in Anaheim and will up to 2nd place in the overall 250SX West Coast Championship standings as we head into Oakland.

“We had a really good off-season, but you can’t really do a bike setup without going to the races. So, that’s really what we’ve been struggling with, what we’ve been searching for.” – Shane McElrath

shane mc

Troy Lee Designs/ Red Bull / KTM Athlete Sean Cantrell came off the gate strong in Main Event 2 and 3. Cantrell lead for the beginning of the 3rd Main event.  Sean finished 13-10-13 for the night placing 12th overall for the first Triple Crown.

"My starts were there this weekend, I just made a few mistakes and got caught up. I'm going to keep doing my homework each week so I can improve hopefully keep that pace I had on my starts with me the entire race." – Sean Cantrell