Team Italy Disqualified From 2018 Motocross of Nations, Team Great Britain Now Classified With Podium Finish



The FIM has announced a penalty to Team Italy and an update to the final results from the 2018 Motocross of Nations event. On Tuesday, January 29th, 2019, months after the international event concluded in October, the FIM and MXGP series stated that the results of fuel collected from random racers at the race had returned and that Team Italy’s MX2 rider Michele Cervellin’s sample did not fall within the rules. Punishment for this infraction is the complete disqualification of Team Italy from the event, which wipes away the third place overall finish scored by Cervellin, Antonio Cairoli, and Alessandro Lupino. The FIM also stated that no appeal had been filed in the allotted time, which makes the decision final.

With this, the entire results of the 2018 Motocross of Nations have been updated and Team Great Britain is now classified as the third place overall finisher and every team advances one spot, as well.

Below is the official statement from the FIM and MXGP, along with the updated results.

During the 2018 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations in Red Bud (United States) on 6th and 7th October 2018 fuel samples were taken to be tested in accordance with the 2018-1 FIM Technical Rules Motocross (Art.63.04 and 63.05) from the following motorcycles:

· Mr BARCIA #27 (United States)

· Mr VAN HOREBEEK #12 (Belgium)

· Mr CERVELLIN #20 (Italy)

· Mr TOMAC #25 (United States)

· Mr TIXIER #3 (France)

· Mr PLESSINGER #26 (United States)

· Mr LAWRENCE #17 (Australia)

· Mr CAIROLI #19 (Italy)

Among the aforementioned riders, the fuel tests of No. 20 Michele CERVELLIN attested non conformity with the FIM fuel specifications provided for in Art. 63.01.2 of the 2018-1 FIM Technical Rules Motocross, regarding the properties for unleaded fuel.

On this basis, the FIM Race Direction of the above-mentioned 2018 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations has decided to impose upon Mr CERVELLIN’s team (team Italy) a disqualification from the entire event, in accordance with Art. 63.05.13 of the 2018-1 Technical Rules Motocross.

No appeal against the decision of the FIM Race Direction has been lodged before the International Disciplinary Court (CDI) within the set deadline.

As a consequence, the decision of the Race Direction is final.

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