Ever Wanted To Sponsor A Pro Racer? Here's Your Chance With Justin Starling


Your Company On A Custom Painted Helmet

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Have you ever wanted to sponsor a professional motocross rider? Well, now is your chance because Gas Monkey Energy/AJE Motorsports racer Justin Starling has started a program that will allow companies to put their logo on his custom painted helmets through the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Series. To learn a bit about the deal, we reached out to Starling and asked a few key details for interested parties.

“For 2019 I wanted to try something new. Every year I have done something that stands out with my helmets, like my Denver Broncos helmets in 2017 and 2018 with AliasMX,” Starling explained. “For 2019 I wanted to try and sell my helmet space and try to really push a brand the best way I can. Helmets are a huge advertisement spot in our sport and I think it would be great for smaller businesses, and also the bigger ones.”

In the past, Starling had complete motifs with headphone companies but for 2019 there will be a range of options for logo placement all the way up to full takeovers. “I have three stages of sponsorship I am offering and I believe it will bring a lot of attention to the sponsors,” Starling stated. “I will wear Shoei helmets all year and each one will be done by an established painted shop known for attention to detail.”

Starling is currently fielding inquiries through his Instagram account and email, [email protected]. If you’re interested in partnering with the racer on this project, the deadline to act is December 20th.