OSET Makes It Eight Out Of Eight Championships | Transworld Motocross


January 2019 – Press release

Trials riding is an undiscovered sport in the US. Arguably, it's some of the most fun kids will have on a motorbike, while at the same time teaching transferrable skills and techniques no matter what two-wheeled discipline is preferred.

Last week, OSET Bikes stole the show in the UK where it continues to dominate the class for the youngest riders at the ACU British Trials Championship, having taken the top spot and most of those next to it for the last eight years.  For the kids aged 6-10,  over 90% chose to compete on the linear-powered, electric OSET. It is undoubtedly the winning machine of choice for the smallest riders at the start of their trials careers.

Ian Smith, who built the first bike for his son Oliver in his garage in Colorado, said: "OSET bikes enables kids to concentrate on developing a skilful riding technique.  They are lighter weight, easier to ride and allow kids to practice in the back yard, without the need for acres of space.  This gives time on the bike, which is what's needed to compete against the best riders in the country.  Actually, all time on two wheels is good time and will enable kids to develop in confidence and ability."

In a class that is traditionally filled with petrol 80cc bikes, OSET's took first and second overall in the D-Class medium wheel with OSET's own Elliot Smith bringing home the silverware and Joe Drysdale taking a hard fought second.

Ian said: "With my dad hat on, I could not be prouder of Elliot.  His riding has matured incredibly in the last 18 months, and it's been a real joy to watch him develop.  Of course, the cherry on the cake is being crowned British Champion!

"As a manufacturer, interestingly Joe and Elliot live at opposite ends of the country.  It demonstrates the only secret to winning is there is no secret…it's all down to practice practice practice."

The older C-Class medium and standard wheel classes were wholly dominated by OSET alumni, Ian concluded: "One of the great parts of my job is catching up with families and kids who have graduated from OSETs with a love of riding and still continue at the highest level.  It's a privilege to watch their progression in ability and know their national journey started with OSET Bikes and for many, their very first trial was an OSET Cup."

An OSET Cup only requires a handful of riders to take part and can be managed by parents.  If you would like to set one up in your area please contact [email protected]

For more information on OSET Bikes and upcoming events please visit: www.osetbikes.com