Off the track and onto the road with Cole Seely


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When Cole Seely went down hard in Tampa earlier this year, it was immediately apparent that things were wrong. However, nobody could have predicted just how severe the outcome would be. A severe pelvis break along with a host of internal injuries meant a long recovery for Seely. It took awhile, but Seely is now back on his feet and taking things easy until he’s ready to return to riding. In the meantime, he’s been spending some time enjoying other things, and recently that included a road trip to the 2018 Washougal Motocross to camp, hang out, and drive cars with some friends after the race. 

There’s, of course, a question I’ll have to ask you, and we’ll get to that, but first of all, you did a road trip up here to Washougal. Tell me how that went.

It was good. I have a good friend that I went to high school with that I still drive cars with on the regular and he moved up here when he went to college and just kind of stayed up here. The plan was to drive up here, come to the race, and then this evening and all of Sunday do some driving and camping, and camp on the way up here quite a bit. I had a friend that was going to come up with me, but he couldn’t make it so I just did the trip solo and did some gypsy soul-searching on the way here [laughs]. It was fun, I actually really enjoyed it.

I saw that you put a question out on social media asking where to camp along the way, where did you end up and how did it go?

It didn’t go as planned because of the fires in Redding. I had planned on camping at Mt. Shasta, that was my main one, and I still might go on the way down depending on how things are. I was driving along the coast and the smoke just kept getting thicker and thicker and I didn’t want to drive at night or sleep in the smoke so I actually ended up getting a hotel one of the nights. I also camped at Ventura on the way up, which isn’t very far from my house. It was kind of a bummer, but on my way home I think I’m going to camp in Oregon somewhere because as soon as I crossed the Oregon border it was clear and super nice. I kind of fell in love with Oregon on the way up here, it was really cool. Everyone was saying Bend and a couple of other places, but besides Bend, the rest of them were so smokey that I couldn’t stop so I had to keep going.

You also mentioned you’re going to be driving some cars up here, where are you doing that?

It’s called Spirit Peaks and it’s about an hour and a half Northwest of here. Once I get done here, I’ve got my trailer attached to my truck right now in the parking lot so I’ll head over there to do some driving and burn some tires and some fuel.

So, did you bring your own car as well then? 

Yeah, I actually bought an enclosed trailer the day I was leaving. I got the trailer, loaded the car up, and hooked up to my truck and pinned it out here.

Alright, so the question everyone has to ask, how’s the recovery going so far?

It’s good, it’s really good. I was really struggling as soon as I got out of the wheelchair with some pain and obviously, weakness. Probably two weeks after I got out of the wheelchair I started to build some muscle back and relieve some of my pain and tightness. Ever since then, it’s been pretty smooth sailing. Obviously, I have a lot of muscle and fitness that I have to regain, which is fun in the process because I’m rebuilding my foundation. That’s something I’ve never really done before, I’ve never had so much time to commit to the little things that I feel like I skipped along the way. It’s been cool. I think today or yesterday was the five-month mark and I went to the doctor’s three weeks ago and they said I was one-hundred percent healed. He said just to take it slow in everything I do and I’m kind of one to do that anyways so I think about three weeks from now I’ll start riding, which is only a week earlier than the six-month mark anyways. It’s not like I’m speeding it up too much anyway [laughs]. I feel good and I feel ready to ride.

It’s safe to say the plan is 2019 Supercross then, right?

Yeah, I’m in the talks on doing some overseas stuff but it just really depends on how I’m feeling and how things are going. Also, it depends on where I’m at with the team and all of that stuff. I have to dial in some of my program for next year, but it’s cool. The sponsors that I’ve had for the past ten years have stuck behind me and let me figure this out. It’s been cool.