The best kind of direct messages are the ones that include photos, right? Well, we checked our Facebook inbox today and amongst all the “can I have a test bike when you’re done with it?” and “What is James Stewart racing next year?” messages, were pleasantly surprised by a group of photos from Tayler Kaplan.

She writes:

“My name is Tayler Kaplan and I am 20 years old from Tolland, Connecticut. I was born into the world of moto, attending my first Supercross in Daytona at 3 months old in 1997. I haven't missed a Southwick or Unadilla national since then! As soon as I could walk, my dad tossed me on a PW50 with the training wheels, but I've since focused most of my involvement in the sport as a model on the promotional side of things. My youth was spent traveling the New England circuit in a camper with my brother and father who were chasing points so I am no stranger to track walks, rider meetings, pit-boarding, timing laps, or cleaning air filters (eye roll). My Instagram is @TheTaylerKaplan.”

Thanks for the message, Tayler! Let’s hope that your submission encourages other readers to join in!