Mitchell Oldenburg Sets His Sights On A Seattle Return


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It’s been a tough year on the Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star/Yamaha squad to say the least, as they’ve had multiple set backs for their team and were even left with no riders to race in Daytona! Mitchell Oldenburg, who is one of their west coast guys, had his troubles with a crash back in Phoenix and unfortunately followed it up with more troubles in Oakland. Ultimately hitting the reset button, Mitchell took the needed time off to properly let his body heal and we caught up with him at Pala Raceway as he pounded some outdoor laps to get into the rhythm again. We sat down for a quick catch up chat with the number 52…

Catch us up on the world of Mitchell Oldenburg and what you’re overcoming.

So, in the last practice in Phoenix I fell and got into some tuff blocks in practice and landed on my arm and shoulder and had some pain there. So I didn't ride at all during the week leading up to Oakland, and then headed to Oakland and tried to tough it out the best I could and I was struggling all day. I fell in the first turn of the heat race and got a foot pet to the elbow and sliced that open. It wasn't that big of a deal but I wasn't able to race that night. I went home from Oakland and had everything checked out, and needed to take some time off to let my arm and shoulder heal. So I've kind of been dealing with that and getting it as strong as possible so we don't run into any more issues this year.

So you're hitting some outdoor laps now. How does it feel?

It's good! That all was a little bump in the road, but we're back on the bike now and doing what we can to get back to where we were.

Injuries suck, and it seems like they are all to common this year.

It's the third time being hurt for me in the last year. It's just been a rough year physically and mentally, and I'm just kind of sick of sitting on my couch! It's good though, and I feel like we have everything back on track and we're moving in the right direction and waiting for that breakout to get some racing under my belt with good finishes.

What's your time frame on returning to racing?

Right now it's Seattle, but today is my first day back. So I'll try to be back for Seattle but we are obviously going to be smart about it and not do anything stupid.

You're here at Pala, does this also help for a little outdoor prep in the meantime?

Yeah, I honestly haven't gotten much time on the bike for outdoors yet but I'm just having fun with it for now. I'm just kind of getting my speed back up and getting used to outdoors and carrying so much speed and going as fast as we do on these outdoor tracks compared to the Supercross tracks. It feels good, and I'm having fun. So we'll ride a couple more days outdoors and get back onto a Supercross track to be ready for Seattle.

After missing a couple Supercross mains, do you mentally call it a scratch and focus on outdoors?

We still obviously have some Supercross racing left, and I definitely want to be on the podium and get some good finishes these last couple of rounds. That's the main focus now, and when outdoors gets started we restart the points at zero so hopefully I'll get some good finishes right off the bat and get the momentum flowing early.

Cool, well good luck an we'll see you soon!