SX rookie Michael Mosiman breaks down debuting at a Triple Crown round, excitedly booking his first hotel, and much more.


Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna's 250 Rider

INSTAGRAM | @michaelmosiman64


Debuting for your first Supercross race is always a high pressure situation, and Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna’s 250 Supercross rookie Michael Mosiman’s Atlanta debut was even more so than normal. Why? He had to spend his very first practices knowing that he absolutely had to put in a quick enough time in order to qualify into the “Triple Crown” three-main format. No heat races, no LCQ – and the first racer to debut under these circumstances. He made quick work getting comfortable, and qualified in via the C group practice with a  55.284 lap time that put him in at twelfth overall going into the three mains. He ultimately finished 18-12-12 for 13th overall – a solid go for a rookie debut. We sat down before Daytona began and conducted this interview, and his in-depth answers seemed wise beyond his years. Give it a listen and learn all the thoughts that a young rookie like Michael may have…