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Night One in Paris

Photo Credit: P.Haudiquert/SX Paris
Considered as the favorite of the Paris Supercross, Marvin Musquin didn't miss his come back in the French capital and won the first night of racing in front of 22000 fans who didn't want to miss the first sport event ever organized in the brand new U-Arena.

Taking great starts all night long, Marvin Musquin just missed the grand slam as he made a mistake while leading the first 'sprint race' and offered the win to Dean Wilson who was very close. But Dean didn't get as good starts as Marvin in the two other races, and was not be able to beat the hero of the stadium who will lead the second 'sprint race' and also the main event – more than 16mn long – from the first to the last lap. Zach Osborne was the main challenger of Musquin in the main event and even posted the fastest lap time, but the American crossed the finish line four seconds after Marvin and three seconds ahead of Dean Wilson. Marvin is the first sportsman to win in the U-Arena and will try to become 'King of Paris' this Sunday, but he knew that both Zach and Dean would be serious challengers, as well as Cole Selly who was last at the start of the main and came back fourth.

In the SX2 class there was a tough battle until the end of the race; Do was leading most of it, but he made a mistake in the whoops during the last lap of the race; Yannis Irsuti joined him and made a move in the penultimate corner, but both riders crashed! Irsuti was the first to restart and he won the race, followed by Do and Arnaud Aubin.

The results in the SX1 class

Sprint 1 : 1.Wilson ; 2.Musquin ; 3.Seely ; 4.Osborne ; 5.Soubeyras ; etc…

Sprint 2 : 1.Musquin ; 2.Seely ; 3.Wilson ; 4.Osborne ; 5.Soubeyras ; etc….

Finale : 1.Musquin ; 2.Osborne ; 3.Wilson ; 4.Seely ; 5.Soubeyras ; etc…

The results in the SX2 class

Finale : 1.Irsuti ; 2.Do ; 3.Aubin ; 4.Bowers ; 5.Larranaga ; etc…

All the results are available on: http://supercross.motorstools.com/results