Justin Hoeft discusses his new deal with IBcorp Racing


Joining Forces with IBcorp Racing

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There’s no denying that Justin Hoeft is on the rise. Although the young rider from Southern California didn’t compete in every race, he had a presence every time he lined up. After building a solid foundation throughout the summer, Hoeft was looking to take the next step and put in a full season. Carrying the momentum into the offseason, Hoeft placed just outside the top ten aboard a 450 at the 2017 Monster Energy Cup and won a moto at the 2017 TransWorld SLAM Fest. The hard work, dedication, and competitive results paid off, as he has now jumped onboard with the IBcorp Racing team for the 2018 season. In between spinning laps at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, we caught up with Hoeft to discuss his new deal. 

First of all, give us a rundown of your new deal with IBcorp Racing. 
I just recently signed with IBcorp Racing and we’re testing here at Elsinore to get ready for the 2018 season. It’s been going really good. I’ve been training with Ryan Hughes [Ryno Power] and he’s helped me a bunch. Jamie [Ellis] from Twisted Development is the team manager this year and the bikes are so good. We’ve done so much testing to get everything right. I feel really good and I’m right at home here. I’m super stoked to come into Anaheim 1 with good preparation and some good time under my belt with training.

As far as the training goes, how does this compare to your program in the past? 
It’s not more work, but it’s more regime. We’re on a really good, strict schedule. It helps me a lot. I’m on a good sleeping schedule now, I don’t even have to set an alarm in the morning because I’m so used to waking up at the same time. We do the same training and stick to the same routine. It’s super beneficial for me, I’ve never really had that. I feel like it’s giving me confidence and everything that I need to get to the next level.

You mentioned lining up at Anaheim 1. With racing the West Coast aboard a 250 next year, what are you hoping to accomplish?
I’m trying to make it to every round and stay healthy all season. I want to turn some heads for sure and be consistent throughout the season. I’m not looking to go all out at Anaheim 1, I want to last and make progress through every round, and at the end of the season be able to look back and know I put my all into it. That’ll help me build more confidence.

This offseason you’ve had some pretty good races, how much does that play into your training right now going into next year?
I think racing in the offseason has definitely helped me. It’s kept my consistency going and kept my endurance and stamina strong. It even adds confidence. Racing the Monster Energy Cup against the 450 class made me nervous. I haven’t had much time on a Supercross track so that just helps make me more confident. Riding with 51Fifty over the summer was great. I can’t thank them enough and they gave me a good foundation. I think racing has been all-around really good and it’s kept me in a flow.

Having not spent much time on a Supercross track prior, what are your thoughts on it now that you’re practicing Supercross full-time? 
I think it has a ton to do with confidence. You have to have a really good setup and you need to know how to set the bike up for Supercross. It’s a lot more critical to have the proper bike setup than racing outdoors. You have to be fully focused too. There’s no showing up to a Supercross track not fully focused. That’s how bad things can happen. Having a good group of people around me and getting the most practice in that I can I think will help me feel really good going into Anaheim 1.