Jordi Tixier Details The Creation Of The BOS Suspension MXGP Team


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The last three months have been hectic for Jordi Tixier. When the former MX2 World Champion was notified that he would not return the Monster Energy Kawasaki MXGP team for the next year (Julien Lieber was signed as his replacement), he worked with his long-time sponsors and a few new supporters to build an all-new team for the 2018 race season. With French suspension manufacturer BOS Suspension signed on as the title sponsor, Tixier and teammate Benoit Paturel will both race the entire Monster Energy FIM Motocross World Championship aboard KTM 450 SX-F bikes in the MXGP class. Tixier debuted the new team at two of the biggest offseason European Supercross races, the Paris SX and Geneva SX, and detailed the creation of the new team for us in Switzerland.

It has been a busy few weeks for you with the announcement of the all-new team and you being the first rider to sign with them. How did the option of joining BOS Suspension come about and when did you know you would be with them?

It's been a few months. I didn't have anything for next year and I couldn't keep riding the MXGP without having a good bike and team behind me. I've known the guy from BOS, Olivier Bossard, for a long time and I know how the suspension works. I said to Olivier, "We should build our own team for next year." And he was really excited about the project, so we just started working together. I have quite a lot of contact in the MXGP class, so I'm happy that a lot of sponsors are following us for next year. For us it is amazing to build this team and now it's going really well. We still have a lot of work to do, but it's going good.

It'll be two French riders on a French team. Where will you do your training?

In the beginning, it was not expected to have another rider, but Olivier said a few weeks ago that we should have another rider. Benoit Paturel is a good guy and he can ride in front of the MXGP class. The team workshop will be in Toulouse, France, and there will be one in Belgium. Our goal is to train with Benoit together most of the time, just try to ride together because that's better than riding alone. That's our plan for the training.

How does the suspension feel compared to things that you have ridden in the past?

I had the chance to ride factory suspension with Showa and WP, and I can say that the BOS Suspension is at a really good level. We are already on the same levels as them, so that's pretty good. Our goal is to be even better, so everyone is working even harder. I think that we worked really good in Supercross and will start in motocross soon.

With their connection to cars and bicycles, BOS has quite a lot of technology and awareness for suspension.

Not so many people know it, but they are running the Rally World Championship and the mountain bike world championships, and they have good technology. When you win a championship in rally you need more technology than you need in motocross. We will be really good and ready for the new season.

Will you be on the new KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition bike?

No, actually we have no support from KTM because we are on BOS Suspension and they are WP. So we get no help from them. But from other sponsors like FMF we have a high level of support, but not bikes.

Why go with KTM?

Because I got a World Championship with the KTM and it's the bike I feel the best with. The frame, the engine, and how the bike works is the best. I said to Olivier that if we had the option from another brand I would say no, because I just want to ride the KTM.

You are very comfortable on a Supercross track. Is that white track that you practice on at your house?

It's pretty nice and a different kind of track, not so many people know that kind of ground. It's not my house track, it's a private track of my friend. It's one track that even if it rains we can still ride, so we're lucky to have it. I'm really thankful to them that I can train on it.

Would you ever come to the United States and try Supercross, or do you plan to stay in Europe and the MXGP series?

Our goal is to ride MXGP. I had the plan to come to the US a few years back but it's a lot of change and I stayed in MXGP. I would be really happy to try the Monster Energy Cup and maybe some outdoor races in the USA, so maybe in the next few years with BOS we may come.

The 2018 MXGP season will be the longest schedule ever. How do you like going to so many places around the world, not just in Europe?

I really like it. Twenty-one GPs are quite a lot and you have to be consistent without injury. In our sport, an injury is always close and it's tough to stay on two wheels for the full championship, but I really like moving around. When we stay in Europe I feel more comfortable if I have an injury with the medical, because I think we are more safe than when we go to places like Indonesia. I feel a little worry then and that's the things I don't like. In our sport we need to be more safe with the medical.

Do you feel that you moved up to the MXGP class too soon, because of the age rule?

If I had the choice, I would have stayed in the MX2 class for two more years. I think some riders like the MX2 class and some like the MXGP class. If I had my choice I would have stayed, but it is like it is.