Jordan Jarvis is one fast amateur racer


Second Monster Energy Cup

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Jordan Jarvis is no stranger to the Monster Energy Cup. In 2016, she took on the Supermini Class for the first time and although her results weren’t quite what she had hoped for, she put in a strong ride amongst a highly competitive field. Flash forward a year, and the young racer from North Carolina greatly improved her results, putting in a ninth-place ride in the second race of the night. Jarvis is a unique racer, not only for being one of the few females to race at such a high level as an amateur, but also because she doesn’t follow the traditional path of many of her competitors. We talked with Jordan at the 2017 Monster Energy Cup to learn more about her and what her racing plans are beyond the event. 

This is your second Monster Energy Cup appearance in the Supermini Class. How did you like the track this year?
The track was really different this year. The jumps are smaller than before, but it's also a lot more technical than in past years.

Outside of this race, have you ridden much Supercross?
I really don't get to practice it much, but after December we'll get to do some Arenacross and get ready for that series.

How much different is it to come to an event like this compared to other amateur events?
It's pretty different. You have the fans out there cheering for you and that's definitely a big source of motivation. The tracks are different and everything that you do has to be different as well. How you operate and set your bike up has to change and that adds pressure, but other than that it's great.

As far races you'll be attending between now and Arenacross, what do you have lined up?
We're actually going to race at Ponca City on the way back home from the Monster Energy Cup, and then we'll do the Mini O's before Arenacross starts up again.

Being from North Carolina, what is the motocross scene like as far as amateur events go?
It really changes from race to race. Different events have different standards. Going to Loretta's or Mini O's is obviously a much higher standard and everything is serious. The other races aren't quite as big and there aren't as many people there. It's not as professional, but they all mean a lot to me.

When it comes to attending all of these events, what is your experience like traveling and being on the road?
It definitely wears me down. I actually go to public school still so the workload gets harder and harder every year, especially as we take more time off each year. At the same time, it's a really cool experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything.