It was the year 2009, and they called it "Bubba's World"


Being the Photo Editor of TransWorld Motocross, I’ve been kicking my feet into a few random old hard drives that were under my desk that I moved into on my first day. There are about six of them here, un-labeled, and range from very-old to semi-new. After hunting down some old cables, I decided it was time to plug them in. I stumbled on a handful of old radness, and thought “Hard Drive Roulette” was a fitting name for a new online look back feature at whatever we may find on them. There are a lot of gigabytes of files, so stay tuned for much more. – Mike Emery

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Today’s edition of “Hard Drive Roulette” brings us back to some memories with none other than James Stewart – one of the greatest to ever do it, and recently most-elusive riders out there. No one knows (trust us, even we don’t) what James’ plans are for the future, and his most recent appearance back on a bike at his JS7 Champions Ride Day got us reminiscing of the “good old days.” Let’s set the clocks back to 2009 and dive back into “Bubba’s World” when things were much different than they are now, but at the same time very similar looking around the compound. Fresh off of his 2009 Supercross Championship, James opened up the gates of the Stewart Compound for our cameras. Below is a quick description from Donn Maeda about this shoot…

“In 2009 Stew invited me out to film with him for Kickstart, my first DVD movie, and we also shot photos for that month's cover feature. Getting great action shots of James is never a challenge, but what he requested while I was there, was. ‘I want to be on the cover, but not riding,’ he said. ‘Can we do that?’ After a call to the office back in California to discuss the options with my team, we decided to do a split cover run: an action shot for the issues on the newsstand, and a portrait for the issues that mailed to subscribers. With the cover line "BUBBA'S WORLD" in mind, I tailored the feature around the Stewart Compound and all of the things that made James tick. Climbing atop the roof of his dad's car collection garage was his idea, so that we could capture the track in the background below. I remember being scared as I climbed onto the roof with my lighting equipment, but also that the shoot went smoothly. Finding these photos conjure up some old memories. My big brother Ross had just suffered paralyzing injuries, and at the time I was selling Rossi t-shirts to fund his therapy that insurance didn't cover. James actually asked me to shoot him in one of those tees for the cover, but said that we should also shoot a backup on a Nike shirt as well. As luck would have it, his agent at the time advised us to run the Nike shirt as his famous relationship with the shoe brand was just in its developing stages. Still, Stew's gesture to support my brother was touching and something I'll always remember.” – Swap

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James’ Two February 2010 TransWorld Motocross Covers

3 Random Things To Note From These Photos:

  1) Remember when Aldon Baker and James worked together?

2) Look how young little Mookie is!

3) This was the only year James rode in Alpinestars boots, as his sponsorship deal with Nike brought the infamous non-production boots into his setup the next year.

Remember TransWorld Motocross Kickstart? Here’s the trailer below…

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