Take a trip down memory lane with Chad Reed's championship-winning 2008 SX prep and cover shoot!


Being the Photo Editor of TransWorld Motocross, I’ve been kicking my feet into a few random old hard drives that were under my desk that I moved into on my first day. There are about six of them here, un-labeled, and range from very-old to semi-new. After hunting down some old cables, I decided it was time to plug them in. I stumbled on a handful of old magic, and thought “Hard Drive Roulette” was a fitting name for a new online look back feature at whatever we may find on them. There are a lot of gigabytes of files, so stay tuned for much more. – Mike Emery

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Welcome to another installment of Hard Drive Roulette, and this time we’re throwing it all the way back to a shoot with Chad Reed during a very important 2008 preseason SX prep session on December 18th, 2007. It’s crazy to look back a decade and think of how much has changed since then, and also admirable to say that Chad Reed is still at it to this day. Although his 2019 plans are “officially” unannounced, Swap recently caught up with the veteran and got a very in depth and candid take on his plans. Watch that interview HERE. Back to this shoot, where Garth Milan was sent to Chad Reed’s private track to capture what became our March 2008 cover. These photos capture a very different time for the Australian legend, and are extra special in the fact that he went on to win the 2008 450 Supercross Championship. We asked Garth for his take on the day, so read on to hear from the man behind these images…

“It's really funny, but after all these years, the thing I remember most about this shoot with Chad Reed is the massive alligator I encountered while pulling up to Chad's legendary Florida estate. It was big, green, ugly, and just hanging out in front of the pond as I pulled up. Not something you see every day, especially when you just flew in from California! On to the shoot, though -I recall Chad having limited time, but with us both knowing that this was going to be a big cover feature we made the most of our time. Chad was, of course, preparing for his very successful 2008 Supercross season so I remember his day being very regimented (as they typically are for this level of professional athlete.) I'm pretty certain that a lot of the shots were just taken as he reeled off his training and testing motos, though I do recall doing some portraits by a cool old tree right near the pond where the gator was. Beyond the gator, though, the thing I remember most to this day were Chad's Nac-Nacs. Not many guys can hold a candle to the originator and King of Supercross, Jeremy McGrath, but if I were to think of one other person who put the Nac in Nac-Nac, it's Reedy!” – Garth Milan

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Chad’s March 2008 TransWorld Motocross Cover

3 Random Things To Note From These Photos:

  1) Notice the cover shot choice? This is because there were no graphics on the bike, and a bare Yamaha wouldn’t have been a good look for the cover!

2) Think about how many laps and different setups that have been dialed in on this private Supercross track. The property went up for sale recently, but we haven’t heard word whether he has sold it or not yet.

3) That Nac Nac photo! Also, his phone. Also, his one hander. Just analyze it all…

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