Shadowing First-Time Motocross Racer At TWMXRS


Homar Joins The TWMXRS Family


The main reason we launched the TWMX Race Series was to improve the local racing experience and grow the sport. Local race participation was down and we developed a plan to offer a better overall experience for our racers. We're proud to say that since our inaugural season in 2010, our average race attendance has grown from a couple hundred to over 500. 

Last weekend at the Milestone MX Terra Firma series kickoff, we were proud to have 12-year-old Homer Perez compete in his very first motocross race. Our Editor In Chief Donn Maeda helped the Perez family navigate their way through their first race experience, and it goes without saying that Homar is 100% hooked on racing now. After all, racing is twice as much fun as riding alone. 

So what are you waiting for? Turn those numbers on your bike into more than just decorations…join us at a round of the TWMX Race Series!