Custom Pants & Tailored Jerseys Fill Dean Wilson's Gear Bag


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What goes into a rider’s gear bag each weekend at the races? For years we’ve tracked down the Athlete Managers from various brands to learn more about the riding gear that is worn by top racers in the Monster Energy Supercross Series and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, as many riders are incredibly particular about the styles, sizes, and colors. For our latest piece, we broke down Dean Wilson’s SHIFT MX and Fox Racing ensemble with Clayton Williams, the Rider Support rep for both brands. Part of Wilson’s move to SHIFT MX and Fox Racing for 2018 meant that he’d been in their apparel from head to toe, all of which Williams is responsible for on race day. “Dean is goofy, has a good personality, and is always cracking jokes,” shared Williams. “He's not someone that's too serious and it fits the Shift brand because he can go out and be himself.”

Helmet | Fox Racing V3
Size | Large

“Dean doesn't need anything special with his pads. The helmet gets sent off to Tagger Designs so it can get the necessary Rockstar Energy branding. It's always matte black. With the gasket around the goggles, we can run white, black, and yellow.”

Goggles | Fox Racing VUE

“Dean will run seven laminated tearoffs all day but then goes up to fourteen for the Main Event. He's super easy and doesn't need an extra pad for sweat. There are times when he comes back from practice or a Heat Race and hasn't pulled a tearoff. I bring five sets of goggles each weekend. I leave him three sets, I keep one set, and give the mechanic one set.”

Jersey | SHIFT MX Blue Label & Black Label
Size | Large

“Everything is sublimated into the fabric from the factory, which is standard now. The different thing about Dean is that he's tall, so we add two inches to the torso and an inch to the sleeves. It's also taken in at the waist because he's skinny. Athletes might be a ‘large’ they’re not a ‘large’ in the torso, so things are taken in and made longer. He doesn't run a chest protector, but most guys do during the outdoors, so he probably will.”

Gloves | SHIFT MX Blue Label
Size | Large

“He always runs the Blue Label gloves in red. The gloves go back further on the wrist and forearm with the cuff material and he likes that feeling. His gloves are also a centimeter longer than a production glove. It's a large glove, but it's a centimeter longer from the palm to the tip of the finger. It's just like his jerseys because he’s a bigger dude.”

Pants | SHIFT MX Blue Label & Black Label
Size | 31″

“We only make even-numbered sizes in production, but athletes can get custom sizes. He's a 31-inch waist and the legs are an inch longer above the knee and an inch longer below the knee. The designs are fully sublimated and we will sew on the sponsor leg logos. A lot of companies are sublimating the leg sponsor logos in, but we don't like doing it because it gets funky where you have to place the graphics. We don't want to have to put things in a weird position.”

“A lot of the times riders will hit me up with ideas for their butt patches, and then I'll spin it off and make the artwork. Maybe it's a restaurant they like to go to or something about the race that they like, so I'll spin that off so there is a connection. If they don't give me ideas, I'll do something about a holiday or a venue.”

Base Layer | Fox Racing Prototype One-Piece Pants

Wilson recently took delivery of a prototype base layer from Fox Racing that has been in development for the past year. The pants are completely one-piece, offer compression, wick away moisture, and act as socks, knee brace sleeves, and underwear. They are set to be released midway through 2018.

Knee Braces | Ossur CTi Custom
Size | Custom

Like many in the pit area, Wilson wears Ossur CTi knee braces on both legs. The CTi is widely regarded as the original high-intensity sports knee brace and each pair is custom built to fit Wilson.

Boots | Fox Racing Instinct
Size | 10

“He runs a stock 10 boot with no modifications. We can do half-sizes for athletes, but all of our guys run stock boots but maybe in a custom size. He likes to have them broken in, but he's not so picky that he won't do it. If that's the case, I'll send them early so he could ride press day in them.”

Weekend Quantity, Spare Parts & Pieces

“For a typical race weekend, I'll bring each rider four jerseys, two pairs of pants, four sets of gloves but I only give them three and keep one set with me just in case, and one set of boots. But there are extras kept in the lockers in case something happens and I have parts to make repairs. There are also spare helmets in the truck with liners and parts.”