Join Colby Raha and Justin Mulford for a "Day In The Life." Yes, they go big.


Video By @TysonFilms

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Video by Tyson Traner

If you’re a fan of punk rock, old-school inspired free riding, Colby Raha is the modern version and has been going huge for the past several years. With his recent recognition by X Games earning him an invitation to two consecutive years of competition, he’s already earned gold and silver medals in Quarterpipe Big Air and also went massive in his X Games Real Moto part (CLICK HERE!) Of course, he’s always out ripping on a daily basis and he had videographer Tyson Traner out to recap a “Day In The Life” with him as he cruised with Justin Mulford out at Fitzland then headed out to ride some BMX. Press play, watch it, and then go give these guys a follow for more…