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PRICE | $89.99
COLORS | White, Black, Neon Green

After years of stagnation, the design of motocross goggles is quickly progressing with bigger lenses that offer a larger field of vision and improved retention in the frame. Nearly every brand has their own idea on what works best, including the all-new B-50 Magnetic by BLUR Optics. The goggle is a massive departure from everything BLUR has produced in the past, as the injection molded EN1939 rated lens is held to the frame by eight very strong magnets. This creates a seamless fit and minimizes any sort of visual interference. The lens is coated to resist scratching and fogging, offers 100% UV protection, and features pins for tearoffs to be used. The frame is lined with triple layer face foam and a thick strap with bands of silicone to secure it in place on the helmet.


– The magnetic lens retention system is by far the most interesting element of the goggle. We jokingly tossed the lens at the frame and watched the two pieces snap together with ease, a testament to the strength of the magnets. We heard concerns from fellow riders about how everything would stay in place during a moto, when roost from a powerful bike hit the lens or when landing from jumps, but the lens and frame stuck together through it all. This is a must with the current era of powerful engines and high-speed debris.

– The thickness of the injection molded lens is impressive, as it doesn’t flex or falter when impacted by roost.

– “Won’t pulling tearoffs yank the lens from the frame?” To be honest, we had some worries about this but were relieved to figure out that it’s not an issue. To pull the lens off of the frame, you need to tug directly at the lens where it meets the frame, so the tension from a thin plastic tearoff isn’t enough to separate the two pieces. We even yanked on the tearoff posts in an effort to displace it to no avail.

– The fit of the frame and foam is excellent. Our test staff includes riders of various face and nose shapes, and all of them stated the foam sealed against their faces perfectly and without gaps. The foam does a very good job at absorbing moisture, even on very hot days, and did not splash any sweat onto the lens.

– Like many of its frameless competitors, the B50 is a big goggle and fills out the eyeport of every helmet we tried it with. There are no gaps between the top of the frame, the forehead, and the top of eyeport. Like always, we recommend that you test it with your preferred helmet if possible.

– The field of vision offered by the B50 is impressive, as there are no pieces of the frame or lens that interfere with a rider’s line of sight at any angle.

– The frame has a substantial amount of ventilation around the top and bottom, which allows air to freely flow and prevents fogging.


– The eight magnets used are very strong and do a great job holding the lens in place, but if two or even four more were placed near the corners of the frame, we’d have even more peace of mind with lens retention. When it comes to protecting your eyes, you can’t go wrong with a little extra security.

– As of now, the B50 is limited to just three colors (black, white, neon green) and the appearance isn’t all that striking.


BLUR Optics has done a great job on the B50 Magnetic goggle. The overall fit of the frame is stellar as it works for riders of all types, the field of vision is great, the foam soaks up moisture without worry, the thick lens is built to resist impacts from flying debris, and the two pieces stick together with a revolutionary design. BLUR’s take on lens retention is certainly unique and we wouldn’t be surprised to see something of this kind come up more in MX or other sports.