Road 2 Recovery Fund For Blake Savage


Medical Fund For Spinal Injury


INSTAGRAM | @blakesavage762

A fellow rider, former pro racer, and now trainer to top-level athletes like Ken Roczen, Cole Seely, Christian Craig, and Chase Sexton is currently going through the biggest challenge he’s faced to date. While riding earlier this month, Blake Savage had an unfortunate crash that resulted in fractures to his C6 and C7 vertebra resulting in a cervical spinal cord injury. While he has undergone a successful surgery to stabilize his spine, he has a long road ahead and has already made huge strides in his movements. Blake is one of the most positive and kind people you’ll meet, and is taking on this injury with the same 100% all-in mindset he does everything in life with. The great people over at Road 2 Recovery have made a donation page to help reach anyone that may want to help out with the medical bills associated with an injury like this. In their words, “At the time of his injury, Savage had an insurance policy called a "Hospital Indemnity". While he is covered to an extent, this policy has a max yearly payout of roughly $47,000, which will likely be absorbed with the first surgical bill. His extensive hospital stay, in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation and additional wide-ranging medical needs are not covered.”

Click the link below to learn more about Blake and how to support what he is going through. From everyone at TransWorld Motocross, you got this Blake!