Ashley Twomey and the 2019 KTM 350 SX-F...is there a better combo?


The Bike

Every time we throw a leg over the 2019 KTM 350 SX-F, we marvel at the fact that no one at the highest levels of the sport elects to race one of the midsized machines. Since it was introduced nearly a decade ago, the 350's engine has gained a ton more power and torque, and is far more competitive than it was when Mike Alessi and Andrew Short raced it in the 2010 450 Motocross Nationals. The new '19 bike, especially, is much improved, and the entire TWMX Testing Staff has been arguing over it, come the weekends. Of course, the team at FMF Racing figured out a way to coax even more low-end punch and top-end overrev out of the machine with its Factory 4.1 Titanium Exhaust, and we actually put the stock rear sprocket back on after going up a tooth during our initial test. As we do with every KTM, we ditched the rigid stock bars that have an odd amount of rearward sweep and replaced them with a pair of straighter McGrath-bend ODI Flight bars. A freer-breathing Uni Filter helped throttle response, and with that, the performance changes to our reliable 350 were done. Aesthetically, the guys at N-Style did a knockout job of creating a set of custom graphics for us, and we must mention that the patterns fit perfectly and the orange hue matched the plastics to a tee. An SDG Innovations gripper seat cover rounded out the bike and added style and control through greater traction on the seat.

The Pinup

We found Ashley Twomey on our Instagram explore feed, but upon meeting to shoot with the stunner from Huntington Beach, California, we were pleased to learn that she was no stranger to motocross and motorsports in general. "I grew up in Victorville, so I spent my fair share of riding quads and dirt bikes with my friends," Twomey said. "But when I started modeling I did lots of work in motocross. I was a Mulisha Maiden, I've worked for some of the energy drinks, and I worked for the RCH Suzuki team, too. I love watching the motocross and Supercross races. After I was done working during the day at the races I would always stay and watch. It's such a cool sport!"

Follow Ashley on Instagram @ashley2me or visit ashleytwomey.com.