What do you think of the new Astars helmet? We love it!


Light, Comfortable, and Stylish...

Alpinestars Supertech M10 Helmet

Price: $579.95 (solid colors); $649.95 (as shown)

What It Is

The Alpinestars Supertech M10 helmet has been five years in the making, and as is the case with everything Alpinestars produces, it has been designed with the highest level of safety in mind. The multi-composite carbon shell is designed to dissipate impacts over a wide area, which in turn allows the internal EPS liner to better absorb the blow and protect the wearer's brain. The multi-density EPS has a four-section construction that is designed to allow for specific densities of polymer to be prepared for different zones around the helmet lining. (For instance, the EPS in the forehead area is of a different density than that found on the sides...) An internal fit system dubbed "A-Head" allows the user to fine tune the angle in which the helmet naturally sits on the head, and beneath that rests the patented MIPS slip liner system that is designed to help guard against rotational impacts. One of the most unique features of the Supertech M10 helmet is its collarbone protection system. The sides of the carbon shell are actually cut away on the sides of the helmet; beneath the soft rubber molding on the sides, you'll find only the helmet's EPS liner, which will give on impact with the rider's collarbones. The visor boasts a very unique breakaway system that allows it to give way on impact, yet resist being blown off the helmet by roost or minor crashes. A breakaway visor minimizes snagging in the event of a rolling crash, thus guarding against neck injuries.


We love the look of the Astars helmet shell; it looks like nothing else on the market and has a sleek, racy appearance.

The helmet is remarkably light. Boasting DOT and ECE ratings, it tips the scales at 1370 grams.

Comfort was obviously a priority for designers as the Supertech helmet is luxurious on the inside and fits marvelously. None of our testers experienced any pressure points or discomfort.

The venting system does a fantastic job of keeping your head cool while riding. Our initial rides came during a SoCal heatwave and the M10 did an admirable job of flowing air to over our scalps.

The eyeport is generous and accommodates all goggles--even all of today's oversized styles--perfectly.

We were skeptical of the non-adjustable visor at first, but had no complaints after riding in it. The angle is perfect and the non-adjustable design guards against goon settings.

The breakaway feature of the visor offers just the right amount of security to resist being knocked off unintentionally. Furthermore, it reattaches in only seconds. The Supertech M10 comes with a spare visor.

The A-Head adjustable fit system is easy to operate and it resembles the adjustable system found in high-end bicycle helmets. It allows you to adjust the fit angle of the helmet for total customization.

We appreciate the impact reliefs cut out on each side of the helmet for the rider's collarbones as we've got a couple test riders on staff who have broken their collarbones on impact with the helmet's bottom edge.


Five color and graphic schemes are available now, with two more scheduled for November. If we had our druthers, we'd have some brighter colors and wilder designs.

The Verdict

We're pretty selective with the helmets we will ride and race in beyond our initial test riding sessions, and the Alpinestars Supertech M10 helmet has quickly become one of our favorites.