Alex Ray's story begins with racing under the stars in his own backyard


Looking Into the Past

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Interview and Photos by Andrew Ormonde
Armed with a new two-digit number and making positive strides in his career, Alex Ray is looking strong throughout the 2017 offseason heading into 2018. A week after racing in the night show at the 2017 Monster Energy Cup, Ray lined up for the 2017 Red Bull Straight Rhythm. The event attracted the likes of Marvin Musquin, Broc Tickle, Josh Hansen, and more. While we’ve tracked Ray’s recent successes, his backstory is still unknown to many. That is, until this recent interview from Red Bull Straight Rhythm. 

Who or what got you into riding?
It's pretty much a family thing.  My dad got me into racing. It’s been in my family for a long time, my grand-dad was a flat-tracker and my dad raced dirt bikes. It was just a family thing, it's what we did on the weekends. I started at a super, super young age – like three years old – and fell in love with it. That's how I pretty much got into racing.

What was your first competition?
It's a funny story actually. We have our own little night track back home in Tennessee so [my dad] puts on races every year and stuff like that. When I was three or four years old I had my first race in my backyard which was kind of cool.

What bike did you start on?
Just a PW-50. My dad painted it green and put a number two on it. At that time my favorite rider was Jeff Emig and I wanted to have a bike that looked like his, so my dad got a rattle can and spray painted it all green, it was funny.

What brought you out to Red Bull Straight Rhythm?
I did an Endurocross race for Eric Peronnard. He did this thing where he would get Supercross guys to race Endurocross. Then he said to me, “Do you want to do Red Bull Straight Rhythm?” I said yes, I would. It’s an awesome experience and I have been really curious on how it worked and everything. When he texted me I was super pumped, so now we're here – goin' straight.

How far do you expect to get in the bracket?
We'll see, I don't really have very many expectations. We’ve got some fast guys here. I didn't qualify the best, but I'm getting better each time I do it. But, yeah, we'll see.  I don't really know, but we're just gonna send it regardless.