A look beyond the shadows of the 2018 Washougal Motocross



Man, what a season it’s been so far. The annual return to Washougal, Washington for round nine of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship provided a break from the string of East Coast tracks that make up most of the series. After weeks of humid days, deep tracks, and big ruts, the already challenging Washougal track required an even bigger adjustment as temperatures soared above 90 degrees and the track was unusually hard packed. Needless to say, it made for some interesting outcomes and spectacular racing, and lucky for you, we captured far more than what the race results will tell you.


This track has a reputation for being different, but nobody could remember the last time Washougal was quite like it was this past Saturday. The Pacific Northwest has been experiencing a record summer between the number of hot days and the lack of rain. What this meant was that the track hasn’t held its moisture from the winter and the famous red clay had hardened up. Even after ripping and watering the track, it wasn’t long before much of the surface had turned slick and dry. Think dirt track motorcycle racing.


We’ll dive into this a little deeper later, but in short, it was a rough day for the 250 class. Not one rider could seem to piece together two good motos for an overall score. On the flipside, a handful of riders ended up also landing some really good scores in one moto or the other. Considering that the silly season is looming on the horizon, a good race here at Washougal could become a talking point when the negotiations begin. More importantly though, when’s the last time someone won the overall with 4-3 scores?


Just when the guy started to seem mortal for the first time all summer, Eli Tomac has rebounded in a big way. Last weekend’s performance at Spring Creek was impressive, but nobody predicted that it’d happen again at the next round. Somehow, somewhere, Tomac has been able to drop his lap times by several seconds in the final minutes of a moto and take over the lead. Even for a guy who has won his fair share of races, these last two rounds have been impressive and are worth acknowledgment, as it’s been a long time since another racer has been able to pull off wins in such a fashion.