We tried Supermoto for the first time this week and it was gnarly!


Yesterday, Husqvarna invited TransWorld Motocross to join them at Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, CA, for the launch of the 2019 Husqvarna FS 450 Supermoto motorcycle. In its heyday, Supermoto racers used to build their race machines by modifying a standard motocross machine, but Husky has eliminated the long, expensive process for SM enthusiasts by creating a bike that is ready for competition right off the showroom floor. To be honest, we were reluctant to accept the invitation to join them as none of us have spent much time aboard street bikes, let alone Supermoto machines. The thought of crashing on the pavement in our standard motocross gear wasn’t too appealing, but we decided to see what the hoopla was all about and showed up with helmets in hand, ready to try something new.

To be honest, it was a lot more fun than we expected, but every bit as scary. The FS 450 was certainly capable enough to handle the curves of the paved section of Adams Motorsports Park with plenty of traction – much more than we would have ever expected, actually – but it was our inexperience and cautious approach that held our speeds to a minimum. While the street magazine editors and experienced Supermoto riders ripped around the facility at impressive speeds and raved about how great the machine was in stock condition, we were at a loss for words. Was it fun? Of course, it was! The bike was much more confidence inspiring than a standard dirt bike on the pavement (think: the drag strip at the A Day in the Dirt Grand Prix), but we’d need plenty more time to offer any real impressions about the FS 450. The experienced test riders we spoke to declared the machine amazing, so we’re sure that as it is in motocross, the 450 Husky is a super platform right from the get-go for Supermoto as well. Husky’s official words and information about the bike can be found below! And thanks for the invite, guys!


Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to introduce the 2019 Husqvarna FS 450 - a new supermoto offering both professional and amateur competitors a machine that features the highest levels of technology available in the supermoto segment today.

Sharing the innovative technological evolutions featured in the 2019 FC 450 motocross model, the all-new FS 450 is a motorcycle built from the ground up to offer unmatched closed-circuit supermoto performance.

With a redesigned chassis and engine platform aimed at improving handling and usability of power, the MY19 FS 450 is a lightweight and agile supermoto machine that is extremely enjoyable to ride and the most capable race winning supermoto available on the showroom floor.


A leading developmental force within the supermoto segment, for model year 2019 Husqvarna Motorcycles introduces a wide series of considered upgrades to the FS 450. Standing out is the all-new, blue coated frame with increased rigidity for improved rider feedback and optimum straight-line stability. Unique to Husqvarna Motorcycles, the composite carbon fiber subframe design gets an additional weight reduction of 0.6 lb for 2019.

Featuring the latest in suspension technology, the new FS 450 is equipped with WP's 48mm AER air fork that matches perfectly with the WP DCC rear shock. Receiving new settings to perfectly match the updated frame characteristics, the WP suspension further improves energy absorption and stability. The 16 mm offset CNC machined triple clamps are specifically designed to work in harmony with the front forks.

With a redesigned cylinder head reducing the engine's weight by over 1 lb, the trademark single-cylinder SOHC powerplant is more compact than ever. At an overall weight of just 60.2 lb and offering a peak power output of 63 hp, the new FS 450 engine design brings notable improvements in handling and usability.

Using top-level supermoto competition as a base for development, the FS 450 is equipped with black 16.5" (front) and 17" (rear) Alpina spoked wheels. The high-quality wheels are matched with Bridgestone 125/80 R420 and 165/65 R420 slick tires for maximum grip, traction and agility.

Showcasing Husqvarna Motorcycles' pioneering development direction, fresh and distinctive new bodywork matches advanced ergonomics with a pure yet effective Swedish-inspired design.


• Redesigned bodywork • Redesigned SOHC cylinder head (1.1 lb lighter) • Blue coated frame featuring increased rigidity • New 2-piece subframe design (0.6 lb lighter) • Chain adjustment slot length increased by 5 mm • Updated setting on the WP AER 48 forks • WP DCC shock featuring new piston & updated setting • 1.85 gal polythene fuel tank with new fuel line routing • Alpina spoked wheels with Bridgestone slick tires • ProTaper handlebar with new bend • Traction & launch control with updated settings • New throttle cable routing for easier maintenance • Flow-designed resonance chamber & more compact silencer • Updated cooling system with new center tube • Magura hydraulic clutch with SUTER anti-hoping system

• High performance Brembo brakes

Husqvarna Motorcycles also offers a revamped line-up of clothing and accessories, which meet the highest standards of quality and include functional garments and dedicated technical parts designed to further enhance the performance of the new supermoto machine.

The new Husqvarna MY19 FS 450 machine will be available at an authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer this coming September.