Pre-Race Versus Post-Race Faces From The 2018 Washougal Motocross


Eight Telling Photos Of MX Emotion


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The range of emotions that racers face in a matter of forty minutes during a stop of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is incredible. Moments before the gate drops are spent focusing on the task ahead, a final chance to channel one’s attention and hope that all will play out as anticipated. That ideal is shattered the moment the metal slams into the dirt and all hell breaks loose, as the panic of thirty-nine likeminded riders pour every ounce of their energy out and run to the checkered flag. If one happens to make it onto the podium, they will have little time to replenish the depleted nutrients and gather their bearings until a microphone is shoved into their face for a quick interview. During our browse of the Octopi Media photo collection from the 2018 Washougal Motocross, we saw eight images that show how the pre-race focus compares to the post-race exhaustion.