Event Photos & Coverage from the 2018 Transworld Motocross Mini Major


2018 Mini Major 

This past weekend, the annual Transworld Mini Major returned for it's fourth memorable year. The event attracted some of the fastest kids on dirt bikes from across the country, and even some from other countries. The 2018 Mini Major catered to all levels of mini racers, as the track crew at Milestone MX Park provided racers with an all-new track layout full of multiple lines and options for racing. In the pits, Seven MX and other event sponsors came together to provide race fans and riders with raffles, contests, BMX jumps, a turn track, and plenty of other exciting activities. Thanks to our great event sponsors and racers, the Mini Major has continued to grow over the years and has quickly become one of our favorite races.

Over the course of three days, we watched hundreds of youngsters amongst 34 different classes battle it out, and we have nothing but excitement for the future of our sport. Despite their young age, racers continued to surprise us with their skills on a bike and consistency from moto-to-moto. Although each rider impressed us, Talon Hawkins was the obvious attention grabber, as there is no doubt that he clicked off the fastest laps of the weekend. Despite having some tough luck in the second moto of the Supermini 3 class, when his bike blew up while leading, Talon managed to snag seven-moto wins amongst three different classes. Even when faced with adversity, as he went down in the second moto of Supermini 1, Talon managed to get back up and battle his way through the pack and into a third place finish. At the end of the race weekend, Talon Hawkins took the overall win in both Supermini 1 and 2, which ultimately led to him being crowned as the newest Mini Major cover boy.

Amongst the 34 stacked classes, at this years Mini Major, were eleven 65cc classes filled with talent. Landen Gordon had one of the most flawless performances of the weekend, as he snagged the win in eight of his nine motos, and managed a second place finish in the ninth moto. Though he had to deal with pressure from Alvin Hillan and other talented racers, Landen managed to take control of nearly every moto he entered. Congrats on a solid 2018 Mini Major, Landen!

A mix of close skill level and full gates helped fuel some of the most exciting racing in the Pee Wee classes. Not only were hundreds of Pee Wee racers entered into the event, but many of the racers also competed in multiple classes, which filled the gates of some classes. Vincent Wey went to work at the 2018 Mini Major, as he competed in six different classes and three of which were on his Pee Wee. Although having some good battles with Wyatt Thurman and Tristan Prueitt, Vincent managed to snag six moto wins across the three classes aboard his Pee Wee. Those six moto wins untilamtely rewarded Vincent with the overall win in both the Pee Wee 7-8 yrs Stock and Pee Wee Open 7-8 yrs classes. As for the Pee Wee 7-8 Mod class, Vincent was only able to grab the second moto win as Wyatt Thurman took home the overall class win with a 2-3-1 performance.

With the 2018 Transworld Motocross Mini Major wrapped up, we would like to thank everyone who attended this years event and everyone who worked to put on the event. We will see you next year!

The 2018 Transworld Motocross Mini Major is supported by Seven MX, BTO Sports, Wiseco Pistons, Nihilo Concepts, and ICR Tire.

Highlight Photos: Mike Emery

Race Series Photos: Chase Curtis