KTM's 2018 450 SX-F Factory Edition has arrived.


Up Close With KTM's Flagship Race Machine



Today marked the official release of the 2018 KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition bike, and the Austrian manufacturer continues to prove their commitment to selling race-ready motorcycles through continued development and engineering within their lineup. We did see a brief glimpse of what was to come at the Monster Energy Cup when the team tested out the bikes in a race scenario, but at the time they were dressed in 2017 plastic. (We covered this HERE.) Flash forward to the official release, and the finished product has seen a major restyle for 2018. Beyond looks, they have again refined their chassis with updates to the frame, swingarm, and triple clamps to improve the stiffness, feel, and responsiveness in the bike’s handling. The engine and exhaust are notably different looking as well, as you’ll see right when you look at the new model. The cylinder head is now shorter (shaving off an entire pound of weight in the process!) and exhaust fumes are routed through a new system that allows removal without taking off the rear shock – amen to that! There’s plenty to see and read up on, so click the images below for more about each topic of updates and then check out KTM’s studio images as well at the bottom of the page.

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