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The series may be winding down and the points leaders in each class are in good positions to take home championships in the very near future. Nevertheless, the racing has continued to provide excitement and action, and Foxborough looked to be no different. From the start, the track conditions appeared to be tough, as it was both slick and soft at the same time. Jeremy Martin and Eli Tomac would set the pace in their respective classes during the day, and it became clear that the track would break down from the way practice went. When the gate dropped early in the afternoon at Gillette Stadium, we were treated to an action evening of racing.

250 SX Heat One

Zach Osborne got out to the front of the pack early on by grabbing the holeshot. Behind him, was Thomas Ramette, closely followed by Sean Cantrell. However, Ramette would make a mistake that allowed Cantrell to get by. However, Ramette gathered himself and made the pass back to grab second place back. Further back, there was a battle between the racers as far back as ninth. Among them was Michael Mosiman, who slowly battled his was up to fifth. He would be sandwiched between the Traders Racing entries of Nick Gaines in fourth and Luke Renzland in sixth. On the final lap Ramyller Alves and Cody Vanbuskirk came together in the final corner before the finish and went down. The two riders then scrambled to the finish line, feet still off the pegs.


250 SX Heat Two

The start was a near tie between two Martins, but not brothers. Van Martin would be credited with the holeshot, but Jeremy Martin would sneak by on the inside to take the lead. Anthony Rodriguez and Jacob Williamson would get by Van Martin, followed by Brandon Hartranft and Jordon Smith. Williamson would face pressure from Hartranft, and Williamson would lose the spot cutting down into the rear wheel of Hartranft’s bike. Out front, Jeremy Martin had opened up a sizeable gap and would take the heat win without a challenge.


250 SX LCQ 

The 250 SX LCQ holeshot would go to Kyle Peters. He would be followed by Drayke Sizemore, Wilson Fleming, and Vanbuskirk in the other three transfer spots. Sizemore would drop back several positions and then go down hard while trying to get back into a transfer position. This would move Tanner Basso into the fourth and final spot. Out front, Peters would go on take the win.


250 SX Main Event

Cutting to the inside, Osborne would pull the holeshot and got out in front of the pack quickly. Behind him, Martin would get bumped off the track and go down. Smith held second early on with his teammate Cantrell in third. After going to the LCQ, Peters found himself running fourth in the opening laps of the Main Event. Running fifth would be Josh Osby. Osborne and Smith would start to open up a large gap over the rest of the field with five minutes left on the clock.

Further back in the pack, Jeremy Martin had worked his way up from last to eighth place and was continuing to climb his way forward. With a minute left he made his way up to fifth place. During that time, Peters had also worked his way around Cantrell for third. This meant that Cantrell was now facing pressure from Martin. He would make the pass for fourth, but wouldn’t have enough time left to get past Peters for third.

Osborne would take the win by leading every lap of the race. Smith would finish up in second just a few seconds behind. Peters would hang onto third, a solid finish considering the knee injury he suffered just a week ago in Minneapolis.



450 SX Heat One

Jason Anderson would grab the holeshot in the first 450 heat, with Musquin coming up the inside in second place. Sitting in third place would be Malcolm Stewart. In fourth and fifth would be Justin Brayton and Tyler Bowers. This pack of riders would stay locked into their positions for the entire race, with Musquin closing the gap on Anderson on the final lap. For the final transfer spot, Deven Raper would face a challenge from Dustin Pipes as they collided in the final corner, but Raper would hang on to the final spot in ninth.


450 SX Heat Two

Chad Reed pulled the holeshot with Blake Baggett right behind him. Seemingly out of nowhere, Justin Barcia came through the whoops and made the move on both riders to take the lead. Reed would drop to third and be under pressure from both Weston Peick and Eli Tomac. Tomac would first get by Peick and then go to work on Reed. Tomac would get take the position a lap later. Up front, Barcia was under pressure from Baggett, and Tomac was now in the picture as well. With about 20 seconds left on the clock, Tomac would pass Baggett and put the pressure on Barcia. The race would come down to the last lap, with Tomac right on the back fender of Barcia. He would protect the inside in the final corner and hang on for the win.


450 SX LCQ

Dakota Tedder and A.J. Catanzaro would nearly tie for the holeshot, but Alex Ray snuck up the inside of them both and made the pass for the lead. Meanwhile, Tedder, Catanzaro, and Kyle Cunningham would battle over the top four transfer spots. Cunningham would work his way up to second and his teammate, Pipes, would go to work on Catanzaro and Tedder to try to get into a transfer spot. Catanzaro would take third place from Tedder and open up a small gap. Meanwhile, Tedder would go down in the sand and allow Pipes to get by him along with a handful of others. Out front, Cunningham would get past Ray with a minute left and run away with the lead.


450 SX Main Event

Craig got out to the front, with Musuin, Anderson, and Tomac all behind. In the first corner, Reed would go down in a pileup. Then in the whoops section before the finish, Craig would go down and give the lead up to Musquin, while Tomac would get by Anderson. Craig would drop back near last place as a result. Rounding out the top five early on would be Vince Friese in fourth and Baggett in fifth. These two would begin to battle as the clock neared 16 mintues. This battle would continue for several laps before Baggett would eventually make the move for fourth.

Around 12 minutes into the race, Tomac narrowed the gap on Musquin down to just about a second. The two would then begin to navigate through lapped traffic. Musquin would start to pull away from Tomac a bit as the clock wound down. During this time, Dean Wilson had worked his way up to fifth place. With just four minutes left, Musquin was once again facing pressure from Tomac, who nearly made the pass in the corner before the finish. Musquin would respond again though and start to pull away just enough to get out of trouble.

They continued to play cat and mouse all of the way to the end of the clock, but Musquin made a small mistake with 20 second left and Tomac took full advantage, powering through the whoops around Musquin to take the lead away. However, Musquin would retaliate and go for the win on the final lap, jumping to the inside of Tomac. This resulted in Tomac going to the ground. He remounted and finished up second. Anderson took third place.