Race Recap From The 2017 Red Bull Straight Rhythm




The 2017 Red Bull Straight Rhythm was an event unlike any other in the motocross racing world, as it pitted the top riders against each other in head-to-head battles on a completely straight Supercross-style track. With plenty of jumps but a lack of turns, riders were rewarded for their ability to maximize low-flying rhythms and high-speed skill.



Sipes Vs. Tapia

A mechanical issue on the starting line prevented Tapia from making a pass down the track, and with two solo runs to the checkered flag, Sipes transferred to the next round.

Mac Vs. Morais

Mac topped Morais in their two face-offs, with the deciding victory being celebrated by an air wheelie.

Sleeter Vs. Villopoto

Villopoto bested Sleeter in two runs, thanks in part to his stellar starts and jump combinations through the first stretch of the track.

Steinke Vs. Brown

Steinke and Brown was the first pairing to go all three rounds, with Brown winning race one and Steinke winning race two. Race three was even until then sand rollers, when Steinke wheelied through and put a small gap on Brown for the win.


Sipes Vs. Mac

Mac was solid from the start as he toped Sipes by a sizeable margin to take the win in race one. Sipes struck back with a solid start and early lead to take the win in race two and with that, they moved on to race three. Sipes cased one of the jumps in a rhythm lane during race three and Mac motored ahead to take the deciding win.

Villopoto Vs. Steinke

A mistake by Villopoto was all that Steinke needed to take the win in race one. Villopoto mistimed multiple jumps in race two, which allowed Steinke to slip ahead with the win and a place in the final round. Multiple mistakes by Villopoto in the rhythm allowed Steinke to take the second win and advance to the final.


Villopoto Vs. Sipes (Winner Gets Third Place)

Villopoto nabbed the win in race one, while Sipes came out on top in race two. The third race was decided by Sipes' speed in the sand rollers and over the final jumps, as he wheelied away from Villopoto to take the win and third place overall.

Mac Vs. Steinke (Winner Gets First Place, Second Gets Second Place)

Mac made a massive mistake on a jump and hit the deck in the early moments of race one, which allowed Steinke to take the win. For a moment it seemed like Mac was finished for the evening, but after some quick repairs, he lined back up and battled with Steinke to the stripe in race two. Steinke's two-stroke skill was definitely an advantage in this race, as he won the moto and clinched the overall.



Sipes Vs. Aeck

Sipes had race one aced from the start, as he busted a huge jump combination in the first segment and pulled away. Sipes did the same in race two and with this, moved up the bracket.

Lopes Vs. Cantrell

The two young riders were close in race one, with each making costly mistakes in the first part of the track. Cantrell managed to rebound and take the race one win. A massive mistake in race two by Cantrell allowed Lopes to put on a sizeable lead in the middle of the track. A massive scrub and charge by Cantrell closed the distance in the final feet, but Lopes crossed the line ahead by mere inches to require a third race.

McElrath Vs. Mac

McElrath and Mac were even in the beginning, but McElrath inched away as the race progressed and took the moto one win. McElrath was flawless from the start of race two and with that, went on to the next round.

Hill Vs. Martin

Martin busted out a quad in segment one of the track, which was the key move in race one, as it gave him just enough of an advantage to hold Hill off in the final few feet. Hill and Martin were a bit more even in race two, thanks in part to mistakes by Martin, but Martin rallied in the end to steal away the key second win.


Cantrell Vs. Sipes

Cantrell and Sipes were very even in their three races, with Cantrell claiming the deciding win in race three. This put the rookie race to the final round.

Martin Vs. McElrath

This teammate pairing required three races to determine a winner, with Martin taking race one and McElrath winning race two by a wheel. McElrath's consistency continued in the last race, as he bested Martin and moved on to the final.


Sipes Vs. Martin (Winner Gets Third Place)

Martin had a few moves that put him well-ahead of Sipes for the win in race one and then did the same in race two to secure third place overall.

McElrath Vs. Cantrell (Winner Gets First Place, Second Gets Second Place)

McElrath's low-flying lines helped him reach the finish line first in race one, but Cantrell countered with a stunning second race win that sent the two to a final round bout. The two were bar-to-bar in the early jumps until McElrath boosted a big rhythm lane and inched ahead. Cantrell tried to retaliate with a scrub over the final speed check, but McElrath motored on to take the overall win.



Musquin Vs. Haaker

Mistakes by Haaker in the early portion of the track allowed Musquin to motor ahead and take the race one win by a sizeable margin. Haaker sat out race two and with this, Musquin moved on without issue.

Bowers Vs. Chisholm

Both riders made huge mistakes at the start of the race, but Bowers managed to control the damage well and won race one by a large margin. Chisholm rebounded well in race two with a near-perfect start and flow down the lane. Bowers tried a huge step-on jump to close the distance, by a win by Chisholm required a third race. Chisholm was solid in race three, as he got out to an early lead and held off Bowers to move ahead with another win.

Tickle Vs. Ray

A very close race was decided by small mistakes by Ray in the last section, as Tickle stayed low over the speed check jump and pulled ahead to take the race one win. It was another close race between Ray and Tickle the second time around, with Tickle winning by a small margin.

Hansen Vs. Ramette

Hansen recovered from a big mistake by uncorking one of the big quads and snaked the race one win away from the French rider. In race two Hansen was flawless throughout and another win pushed him to the next round.


Musquin Vs. Chisholm

Musquin bested Chisholm in both races by a sizeable margin and moved on to the final race for a chance to protect his 2016 overall win.

Hansen Vs. Tickle

Hansen and Tickle were in a dead-heat during race one, with Hansen holding an advantage in the final section and winning by a few bike lengths. The two were closer in the second race until a massive mistake by Tickle threw off his rhythm and he cased multiple jumps in a row before finally coming to an abrupt stop. With this, Hansen went to the final round.


Tickle Vs. Chisholm (Winner Gets Third Place)

Tickle topped Chisholm in the first two races of their pairing to secure third place overall.

Musquin Vs. Hansen (Winner Gets First Place, Second Gets Second Place)

Two riders with exceptional bike skill faced off in the final round and it was a display of style all the way down the track. The advantage on the long run went to Musquin, as he stayed low over every jump and charged to two quick wins for a repeat overall victory.