Get the scoop on Seven MX's talented mini racers from across the country


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As the title sponsor of the 2017 Mini Major, the guys at Seven MX wanted to bring out some of their most talented mini racers to participate in the event. There was just one problem, however, none of them lived anywhere near it. With the help of supportive parents, Seven helped four of their riders out in traveling across the country to attend the event, along with all of their bikes and necessary equipment. Nate Thrasher, JR Reyes, Kaeden Amerine, and Charles Tolleson proved themselves throughout the weekend with top ten finishes in the Supermini classes. Towards the end of the weekend, we got the four riders together for a quick interview to learn more about them, as we have a feeling we’re going to start seeing them more over the next few years.

Where do you call home?
Thrasher: I'm from Tennessee
Reyes: I'm from Houston, Texas.
Amerine: Great Bank, Kansas.
Tolleson: Houston, Texas.

Have you spent much time riding in California before?
Thrasher: Yes, I was training out here for the 2017 Monster Energy Cup three weeks before. I really like it, all of the industry is out here so you have to come out here and meet everybody.
Reyes: I've been here quite a few times to ride, and I actually came over here back in January for a month just to ride around these tracks.
Amerine: No this is my second time ever in California and my first time riding here.
Tolleson: I've been here a few times getting ready for the 2017 Monster Energy Cup, but other than that no.

What are your thoughts on the 2017 Mini Major?
Thrasher: It's good. It doesn't get as rough because all of the big bikes aren't here, but it's still good. It's a smooth track, everybody goes fast, and it's hard to pass. The start is good, the track is good, and the dirt is good.
Reyes: It's awesome. It's one race to be at every year and I'm loving it. This is my first time and I'll be back for sure.
Amerine: It's super fun. The track is rough and fast. It's really hard packed and way different from home. It's an awesome experience.
Tolleson: It's pretty cool. There are a lot of opportunities to get rides, so it's good. I like it.

What do you think about having an all kids race?
Thrasher: Everybody wants to see the kids coming up and the Supermini class is one of the top classes in the amateur ranks. All of the factories pick up on that and if you do good on the Supermini you'll have a good shot at a factory ride on a 250. When you come out here and it's all mini bikes, that's all the industry is looking at. Plus, the Supermini's are the biggest bikes out here so everybody is watching you.
Reyes: It's great, but the track didn't get rough at all. There's a lot of little chatter bumps. It's just a smooth track and everybody is closer in speed.
Amerine: Yeah, it's pretty fun. The track is good and it's fun to have an event with just smaller kids.
Tolleson: It's cool. The track doesn't get as rough. With the focus being on little bikes and all of that, it's pretty cool.

As a Seven MX racer, what are your favorite colors to wear?
Thrasher: Red looks really good on my bike, I like red a lot. All of the colors are really nice and there's always new gear coming out.
Reyes: Definitely the teal. It stands out from everything else.
Amerine: Probably the new stuff. It's white and super bright orange. It's my favorite set.
Tolleson: The bright yellow and blue and is probably the sickest. It's nice and bright and it looks good.

One last bonus question, when you're not eating healthy, what is your favorite cheat food?
Thrasher: Probably ice cream, I like ice cream a lot [laughs]. Vanilla ice cream or Oreo milkshakes. That's my cheat.
Reyes: Sodas. Especially Dr. Pepper.
Amerine: We have this little bakery back home that has some pretty good donuts. I get those sometimes. I like the chocolate donut, but they have chocolate cinnamon rolls that are pretty good too.
Tolleson: Probably donuts, chocolate is pretty good [laughs].