Jett Reynolds showed plenty of speed under the lights in Las Vegas


INSTAGRAM | @jettreynolds79

Kawasaki’s Team Green has a history of success in the Supermini Class at the Monster Energy Cup, and 2017 was no different. Similar to Austin Forkner a few years ago, Jett Reynolds came out and made a big first impression in front of the Las Vegas crowd and on television. Reynolds is no stranger to winning though, as he’s collected his fair share of Loretta Lynn’s titles already. Still, this was his first time racing anything of this nature, and Reynolds seemed to adapt quickly to the challenges that the Monster Energy Cup presents. We had a conversation with the young rider about the experience of racing the event and what he’s got lined up for the future. 

What are your thoughts on riding a full-sized Supercross track like that?
I was just feeling the flow. The fans really pump me up, and that gets me going.

How did you find that flow early on in the day?
I rode press day, which helped a lot. I actually didn't get to ride the full track though, just a section. I went out there on the first lap and did all of the doubles. That helped me get comfortable to put in a fast lap time. In the second practice, I found some good rhythm options and picked up a lot more speed to set the fastest lap time by over a second.

Have you been able to ride much Supercross prior to the 2017 Monster Energy Cup?
Yeah, I've practiced for about a month and a half at the Kawasaki test track and at Glen Helen. The first day I went out to practice Supercross, I actually got hurt. I sprained my ankle and was out for about three weeks. Now, I've been back riding Supercross for about a month and a half, and we're here in Las Vegas and everything's going well.

What's the experience like for you to be riding inside a stadium under the lights with fans and television cameras?
Yeah, amateur tracks are not in stadiums and this one is, and there's definitely a lot more fans. People love it and I think they really enjoy watching Supercross.

So far, how are you liking Supercross? Do you enjoy it, possibly even more than motocross?
Oh yeah, I really like it. It's super fun and it's a lot different than motocross. I really don't get to ride Supercross a whole lot, and now that I have been doing it more, it's a totally new thing for me. I really look forward to it in the future when I can turn professional.

Looking forward beyond this event, do you have any plans lined up for future races?
We'll go to Mini O's for Thanksgiving, and I'm looking forward to the winter to ride up in the hills and have a blast. Hopefully, I can spin some laps on my KX125, that'd be really fun.

It also sounds like you're looking to race at the upcoming 2017 Mini Major as well. What's your experience been like riding at Milestone MX Park?
I've definitely ridden a lot at that place over the years and it's a different track. It's really high speed, but that's typical of the SoCal tracks. Milestone is pretty fun.