Watch: POV Videos From Red Bull Rampage - Racer X Exhaust


I don’t ride mountain bikes. Honestly, I know very little about the sport. I know it’s supposed to be a prerequisite if you are in the moto industry, but, I just never got into it.

The ONLY thing in mountain biking I pay attention to is Red Bull Rampage, the insane downhill event that takes place in Utah ever year.

In my old column over on Racer X—The Word On—I always like to feature some stuff from the event. Now that we no longer do the column, I’m putting some here.

Honestly, these POV’s make me very nervous to ever get into mountain biking. Fair warning there are a few eff bombs dropped in the Ethan Nell video. It's understandable when you watch it. 

Main image: Paris Gore / Red Bull Content Pool