Traders Racing Rookie Injured in Practice Crash


Traders Racing rookie Jayce Pennington sustained a broken scaphoid (non-displaced) in a recent practice crash at Georgia Practice Facility, the team announced yesterday. Despite the injury, Pennington is hopeful he will be ready for the start of the 250SX East Region in Arlington on February 17.

“I was practicing at GPF, just another day training. I was skimming the whoops and my front wheel missed one of them, dipped down into the next whoop and threw me over the bars,” he said in a team statement. “Wasn't too bad of a crash but I landed on my wrist just right and ended up breaking my scaphoid, non-displaced. It's a bummer but the good thing is I’m still able to keep up on my cardio and keep my legs strong. So that won't be a problem. Doctor says I’m looking at around two months in a cast, but my head is still up. Don't expect any less from me when Arlington comes around for my first SX.”

Following the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s, Pennington raced the last three rounds of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross with the team, scoring points in four of six motos. Pennington and Luke Renzland are both expected to contest the East Region in 2018.