This Electric Bike Is Made From Bamboo


Top Gear Philippines recently sat down with Christopher Lacson, the CEO and designer of the Banatti Green Falcon. Lacson, along with Falcon engineer Jess "Sparky" Alimbo and Falcon manager Eddie "Bondo" Canete, took bamboo and built a bike around an electric drivetrain. 

“The concept was to use bamboo because that is one of the mandates of the country, is to grow bamboo,” Lacson said in the video.

The bike was inspired by the Café Racer motorcycle. Lacson said it’s geared to go 60 MPH because that’s the speed limit in the city. He also said it will get about 45-50km (around 27-31 miles) before it needs to charge.

The Top Gear video doesn’t show the bike in action, but a recent video by ABS-CBN News Channel does show brief footage of someone riding the bike.

What do you think of the bike?