Riding With The Viking At The Baja 1000 - Racer X Exhaust


The Baja 1000 might still be the gnarliest off-road race in the world. It tests every bit of will power you have—and then some. Most of the time, and especially in the years when the race runs the full distance of the Baja peninsula, it takes multiple drivers or riders to reach the finish. Only a handful are crazy enough to ironman the entire event solo, and most of them are driving a truck or buggy. Running the full distance solo on a dirt bike? That's reserved for the lunatics.

Filmmakers Cuyler Ruskin and Wiley Watson documented the journey of one of the ironmen from last year's 50th running of the event. This film tracks the 1,300 mile solo ride of Mike “Viking” Skurkis. 

Side note: Mike looks like he just stepped off the set of Game of Thrones. Viking is a more than fitting nickname.

The film is worth watching just for the awesome footage of racing in Baja, let alone The Viking's wild ride. 

Starring: Mikel Skurkis
Produced By: Cuyler Ruskin
Directed By: Cuyler Ruskin and Wiley Watson
Edited By: Wiley Watson
Original Score: Kellen Malloy
Sound Mix: Keith White and Ryan Prater