Report: Motorcycling/ATVing \


Some great news regarding the motorcycle industry was released last week. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, a new report on outdoor recreation found “Motorcycling/ATVing to be one of the fastest-growing core outdoor recreation activities, growing eight percent over the previous year.”

“This report confirms what the MIC has always believed, that Americans truly love the fun and adventures that motorcycles and ATVs can bring to their lives, and they are looking to share their passion,” said Tim Buche, MIC president.  

The Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account report, which only covers numbers as recent as 2016 and was funded by the departments of Interior, Agriculture and Commerce, noted that outdoor recreation industry accounted for 2.2 percent of U.S. gross domestic product in 2016. In addition, outdoor recreation contributes “more than $734 billion to total U.S. gross output, which is the total value of domestic goods and services produced by an industry.” 

According to the report, “boating/fishing was the largest core outdoor recreation activity, accounting for $36.9 billion of real gross output.”

More from the report:

This economic contribution level is greater than other key economic sectors, including the mining, utilities and chemical products manufacturing industries. In addition, with 4.55 million jobs, the outdoor recreation sector generates a level of employment similar to other major job creators in the United States, including hospitals, transportation and warehousing, and educational services. 

The report found that Motorcycling/ATVing activities accounted for $20.3 billion of real gross output in 2016 and represents one of the fastest-growing activities at 8 percent growth from the previous year. Boating/fishing was the largest core outdoor recreation activity, accounting for $36.9 billion of real gross output. 

Thursday’s release was the final revised report, following prototype statistics released in February. The updated report reflects comments and feedback solicited by BEA and submitted by organizations representing the powersports industry, as well as other groups in the outdoor recreation economy.  

You can read the full report here.