News and Notes From 2019 Detroit SX


Ford Field Detroit, MI Detroit Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship

Career premier class podiums for Chad Reed. Reed’s 132 podiums are the most in SX history.


Career starts for the rider second to Reed on the all-time podium list, Ryan Dungey, who has 101 career podiums.


Days between podiums for Reed. Prior to Saturday night, Reed last captured a podium in Phoenix 2017.


Of 42 laps led by Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Austin Forkner in Detroit. Jordon Smith led Forkner for two corners on Saturday night, but the finish line in Detroit happened to be between those two turns.


Of 81 laps led by Forkner through three rounds of the East Region. 


Different riders to lead laps in the 450SX mains. Smartop/Bullfrog Spas/MotoConcepts Honda’s Justin Brayton led the field with 15 laps led; Monster Energy Kawasaki's Eli Tomac (14), Red Bull KTM's Cooper Webb (11), Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS’s Blake Baggett (6), and Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing’s Justin Barcia (5) also led laps.

Time since the Triple Crown format debut in Monster Energy AMA Supercross in 2018 that a rider has swept all three main events. Forkner won all three East Region mains on Saturday.


Career wins for Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac after his second win of 2019 in Detroit. Tomac has the most wins in SX history amongst riders without a title.


Different riders to score a podium finish in a 450SX main on Saturday. Tomac, Webb, Reed, Baggett, Barcia, Savatgy, and Brayton all had podium finishes. 


Different riders to score a podium finish in a 250SX main on Saturday. Forkner, Smith, Sexton, Cooper, and Martin all had podium finishes.


Different riders that had multiple podium finishes in 450SX. Tomac and Webb both had two podium finishes. No 450 rider finished on the podium in all three mains.

Rich Shepherd

“It was definitely a tough day of not getting very good starts. I wish I would have started a little bit better, at least in the top three. It was hard to pass with a lot of intensity out of everyone in the first few laps of each moto and I made a big mistake and jumped off the track in the first moto and that cost me a lot. The riding was good tonight, I clocked some really good lap times during each of the three motos so I know the speed was there but unfortunately it was hard to get good results. There was a lot going on in those three Main Events and it’s frustrating but we never give up.”

Justin Barcia | 10-7-3 for seventh overall in 450SX

“It was another crazy night of racing for me in Detroit. The track was really good. It had a lot of option sections and I felt like my bike was working good in the whoops. The first two races for me were not great with the arm pump I dealt with, but the last race was a step in the right direction. I led some laps and put in a pretty good ride with a little bit of arm pump. My starts have definitely been getting better, so things are definitely starting to come around. So all in all, it was a decent weekend. I’m really looking forward to Atlanta.”

Joey Savatgy | 8-3-11 for eighth overall in 450SX

“Tonight’s overall result doesn’t reflect how great I felt and my riding today. I qualified pretty good and in the first main, I just didn't get out of the gate quick enough which put me in a hole. I was pleased to bounce back in the second main and get on the podium with a third, and at one point in the third main event I was challenging for an overall podium but a small mistake ended up costing me. We will regroup this week and come out swinging in Atlanta which is kind of like a home-town race for me."

Rich Shepherd

“Overall it was a better night for me,” Osborne said. “I ended up 10th overall, so it’s a step in the right direction and something I can build from. Right now, it’s just getting laps and getting my fitness back, finding some settings that I’m super comfortable with again and finding my race trim. I feel like tonight with the Triple Crown, it’s a lot of racing and a lot of opportunity to be out there on the track and find my feet again. I had some pretty decent battles and was able to make some passes and kind of move around a little bit, which is a nice feeling. So, I’m looking forward to Atlanta, I think we can continue to build and make progress and the results will come soon enough.”

Dean Wilson | 7-9-13 for 11th overall in 450SX

“Today was about mixed emotions,” Wilson said. “I say that because I qualified second and my riding was really good in both sessions of practice but I struggled in the races tonight. I feel like with my riding I’m a lot more capable than that, so for the third race, I was pretty fired up and came off the start really good. I stayed in fourth the whole race right there and unfortunately, I made a mistake to allow Marvin [Musquin] by me and I went to square him up right before the whoops but I didn’t realize Kenny [Roczen] was right there and I kind of got cleaned out, but that’s racing. Eleventh overall is definitely not where I want to be, I’m very well capable of being on that box but I just need to make it happen.”

Aaron Plessinger | 12-10-8 for 12th overall in 450SX

“Detroit for me was pretty good, other than the starts. I’m happy with my riding. I’ve just got to get off the gate. My bike was working really well, didn’t change anything on it all day. The track broke down quite a bit tonight, more than I thought it was going to. We came away with 12th overall, I’m not extremely happy with that. I know I can do better, but it’s baby steps. We’re going to do some work this week and get ready for Atlanta.”

Jeff Kardas

“Tonight’s overall result doesn’t reflect how great I felt and my riding today. I qualified pretty good and in the first main, I just didn't get out of the gate quick enough which put me in a hole. I was pleased to bounce back in the second main and get on the podium with a third, and at one point in the third main event I was challenging for an overall podium but a small mistake ended up costing me. We will regroup this week and come out swinging in Atlanta which is kind of like a home-town race for me."

“The bike was really good all night. We didn’t really play around with the setting, we were pretty happy with it. The track was really tough tonight, though. It was breaking down really quick, so it was important to keep on your toes and stay focused out there. I think I managed the races pretty well, besides my starts. I felt really good on the bike, again, I just put myself in bad situations right off the start. So I’m definitely going to work on those this week and be better for next weekend. We’re making improvements, even if the results don’t show every week. I think it’s just a matter of time. We’re on the right track.”

Alex Martin | 10-3-6 for sixth overall in 250SX East

“I was happy with my riding in Detroit. I qualified third fastest in practice, which is something I haven’t done for a few years in supercross. I had a great jump in the first main, but I got pushed off the track on the start. I was only able to get back to tenth place. I was very happy with my third-place finish in the second main. It was the best I have ridden in a supercross race in a long time. The third main event I pretty much finished where I started. We’re making good strides toward being on the podium. My consistency on the starts is something we will work on this week.”

Mitchell Oldenburg | 6-6-8 for seventh overall in 250SX East

“Tonight as a whole was all right. It’s just a little frustrating that my results aren’t showing what I’m capable of and how good I’m feeling and riding. We’re going to work on the starts. Starts are definitely slacking right now. So we’ll go back to the drawing board this week, get some good starts.

“The track was really fun. I really enjoyed the Triple Crown format, with the three mains. It was a pretty quick night for us and we were go, go, go. Like I said before, results aren’t showing what I’m capable of and how good I’m riding. If we can get a start, we’ll be up there for some wins and some podiums. I know it."

Rich Shepherd

Despite battling the flu, Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen finished fourth overall in Detroit on Saturday with 5-6-5 finishes. After the race Roczen, in a team statement, said his “focus wasn’t there” and that he wanted to “minimize the damage” on Saturday.

“I’m glad tonight is over. We were just one point away from another podium, so that sucks but overall I’m still happy. I’ve been fighting the flu all week, so my body didn’t feel up to par tonight. My focus the entire night just wasn’t there, and I was uncomfortable. I just wanted to minimize the damage, and I think we did that with a fourth. We’re still second in the championship and only six points out of the lead. I’m looking forward to having a good week and heading to Atlanta strong.”

Seely Update

Roczen’s HRC teammate Cole Seely missed the main events on Saturday despite qualifying sixth overall. In the first qualifying session, Seely took a rock to the sternum. He attempted to ride the second session but was in too much pain and make the call not to race. He said he’s going to “do everything” he can to be back for Atlanta.

“I’m really bummed I couldn’t race tonight, especially because I was feeling so strong and fast during practice. While laying down my fastest time, I got hit by a pretty big rock right in my sternum, which knocked the wind out of me. I tried to ride the second session but the pain was too much and I wasn’t able to hang on. I hate having to make the call to race or not because obviously, the racer in me wants to be on the line, but I also didn’t want to risk further injury since I barely had the strength to get around the track for one lap. I’m going to do everything I can this week to make sure I’m ready to go for Atlanta.”

Rich Shepherd

Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull KTM’s Jordon Smith, who is currently second in 250SX East Region points, revealed that he sustained a wrist injury in his crash in the main event in Arlington last weekend. In the post-race press conference, Smith said he held onto the bike too long when he crashed in the whoops in Arlington and it twisted his wrist. He had X-Rays and MRI done last week and both came back negative from any breaks or ligament damage. Smith was diagonised with a bone bruise.

Smith said that he was only able to do one 10-minute practice session prior to Detroit and that he mainly just practiced starts last week. Smith salvaged crucial championship points on Saturday with a second overall finish behind Forkner via 2-2-4 scores. 

“The first practice it wasn’t too bad,” Smith said in the post-race press conference. “The adrenaline and everything helped out tonight compared to [practice] riding on Thursday. As the night went on it got worse and worse. Every time I came off it would kind of be out of place and Dr. Navarro would have to kind of squeeze it and put it back into place. It was a struggle tonight but I came and did what I wanted to do and salvage some points.”  

Rich Shepherd

It’s been a tough start to the year for Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rookie Thomas Covington, who has moved back to the U.S. following several seasons in Europe. Following an 11th in his SX debut in Minneapolis, Covington failed to make the main event in Arlington and missed Detroit's racing due to a knee injury sustained during the week. Covington attempted to ride free practice but then elected to sit out the remainder of qualifying and the night.

Covington wrote on Instagram that he will miss this weekend in Atlanta and hopes to return for Daytona on March 9.   


11st47.5631048.693Eli Tomac
25th47.882649.131Ken Roczen
34th47.933449.252Blake Baggett
42nd48.143249.106Justin Brayton
53rd48.150349.123Chad Reed
69th48.204649.569Marvin Musquin
76th48.353749.359Cooper Webb
87th48.387849.455Dean Wilson
910th48.568750.109Justin Barcia
108th48.582749.396Joey Savatgy
1113th48.843450.550Justin Hill
1212th49.076550.441Aaron Plessinger
1315th49.193651.012Tyler Bowers
1411th49.410550.352Zach Osborne
1514th49.686649.686Justin Bogle
1616th50.249551.507Chris Blose
1717th 50.423551..887Kyle Chisholm
1821st50.478852.205Ben LaMay
1918th51.150653.300Ryan Breece
2019th51.183552.927Carlen Gardner
2120th51.278553.477AJ Catanzaro
2222nd54.159254.425Cole Martinez
11st47.745549.076Eli Tomac
24th47.844949.634Marvin Musquin
32nd48.284549.512Cooper Webb
43rd48.675849.696Joey Savatgy
55th48.732849.606Chad Reed
67th48.825650.057Justin Barcia
76th48.9951049.790Ken Roczen
811th49.0761050.510Blake Baggett 
99th49.223550.356Dean Wilson
108th49.4071350.219Zach Osborne
1110th49.529750.282Aaron Plessinger
1212th49.842750.818Justin Brayton
1313th50.100650.997Tyler Bowers
1414th50.147551.085Justin Hill
1516th50.325652.565Ben LaMay
1615th50.625652.013Chris Blose
1719th50.660353.028Justin Bogle
1821st50.8351051.519Kyle Chisholm
1920th51.358652.123Ryan Breece
2018th51.699653.960AJ Catanzaro
2119th51.738553.868Carlen Gardner
2222nd54.083454.756Cole Martinez
12nd47.520948.838Blake Baggett
26th47.8471249.336Eli Tomac
33rd48.091549.104Justin Barcia
44th48.1071049.166Marvin Musquin
51st48.196348.727Cooper Webb
65th48.370949.345Ken Roczen
78th48.597649.762Aaron Plessinger
811th48.627649.498Joey Savatgy
97th48.635549.722Chad Reed
109th48.651649.732Justin Brayton
1110th48.668550.175Zach Osborne
1213th48.7095 and 1150.059Dean Wilson
1312th49.432350.358Justin Hill
1415th49.480451.190Tyler Bowers
1517th49.503551.214Justin Bogle
1616th50.423451.951Ben LaMay
1715th50.511451.440Chris Blose
1819th50.804652.867Ryan Breece
1918th51.026952.918Kyle Chisholm
2020th51.280353.780AJ Catanzaro
2121st51.813554.051Carlen Gardner
2222ndDNS--Cole Martinez
11st47.181248.033Austin Forkner
22nd47.259348.848Jordon Smith
35th47.478449.465Martin Davalos
44th47.679449.154Chase Sexton
53rd47.742649.047Justin Cooper
66th48.336649.604Mitchell Oldenburg
77th48.883450.151Brandon Hartranft
89th49.076350.391Blake Wharton
910th48.551450.302Alex Martin
108th49.498650.252Kyle Cunningham
1122nd49.579750.307Jordan Bailey
1211th49.806650.731Kyle Peters
1313th49.875551.216Lorenzo Locurcio
1412th49.905351.124Henry Miller
1520th50.020651.799John Short
1621st50.162553.369Wilson Fleming
1715th50.298551.735Ramyller Alves
1814th50.464451.800Josh Cartwright
1916th50.519651.992Josh Osby
2017th51.317653.243Steven Clarke
2118th51.483353.674Chase Marquier
2219th51.981553.652Justin Thompson
16th47.875749.859Mitchell Oldenburg
21st48.187349.646Austin Forkner
35th48.373749.800Justin Cooper
44th48.748749.581Chase Sexton
53rd48.780549.646Alex Martin
62nd48.939649.621Jordon Smith
77th49.133650.341Martin Davalos
89th49.806550.685Brandon Hartrranft
912th49.886751.398Jordan Bailey
1011th50.062951.273Kyle Cunningham
1110th50.273950.977Blake Wharton
128th50.434550.686Kyle Peters
1314th50.525751.513Lorenzo Locurcio
1416th50.530551.978John Short
1515th50.722851.867Josh Cartwright
1621st50.826453.119Ramyller Alves
1713th50.998851.654Henry Miller
1818th51.556753.090Wilson Fleming
1917th51.660752.993Justin Thompson
2020th52.008453.299Josh Osby
2119th52.460553.686Chase Marquier
2222ndDNF--Steven Clarke
11st49.257450.377Austin Forkner
23rd49.4461350.539Justin Cooper
32nd49.606650.580Chase Sexton
44th49.648350.837Jordon Smith
55th49.974451.326Martin Davalos
68th49.998650.869Mitchell Oldenburg
76th50.174751.404Alex Martin
87th50.7721151.567Kyle Peters
910th50.9761052.311Kyle Cunningham
1011th51.031952.231Lorenzo Locurcio
119th51.153652.346Jordan Bailey
1212th51.261952.471Josh Cartwright
1321st51.6351054.515Brandon Hartranft
1413th51.8001153.034John Short
1516th51.888954.461Blake Wharton
1615th52.140953.026Henry Miller
1718th 52.263655.231Chase Marquier
1819th52.373355.035Wilson Fleming
1917th52.648555.959Josh Osby
2020th52.919357.169Justin Thompson
2114th53.0381053.967Steven Clarke
2222nd53.659253.754Ramyller Alves