2004 KTM 300 Project Bike - Racer X Online


Build: Dirt ‘N Iron
Text: David Pingree
Photos: Simon Cudby

This project bike was a bit different for us. Our friend Rado, who runs a site called Dirt ‘N Iron, built a beautiful 300cc KTM off-road bike and asked if we’d be interested in testing it. His work is meticulous and he does an incredible job of documenting the work and sharing it via video on his site. Rado gave us a little of his background.

“I have been riding motorcycles since I was a kid back in Europe, but fell in love with dirt bikes once settled down in SoCal. Found out that dirt is way more fun, shifted completely to motocross and trails. I loved it so much that I wanted to do more than just riding, so i started Dirt 'N Iron YouTube channel back in early 2016. My vision was to share passion, down to earth tips, and reviews from enthusiasts perspective and also introduce the sport to newcomers.”

He added this about the build: “I wanted to do a two-stroke build on the channel for a long time, get a cheap older 250, have Eric Gorr do a big bore kit and go through everything that needed some attention. I wanted to do it together with subscribers, ask their opinion and advice, and let them join me on the build. I recorded every step of the build, starting from picking up the bike from Craigslist for $900 till final reveal. Goal was to have old bike that is now better than new. It was a fun journey, we did around 25 videos in last five months and the final result is quite satisfying.”

On the trail the bike was incredible. The thing that really grabbed my attention was how sharp and responsive the 300cc powerplant was. Honestly, this is the best motor you can have in an off-road bike, in my opinion. It’s all the power you could ever want in a light, easy to control chassis. The off-road specific parts don’t make it feel like a bulky, cumbersome monstrosity, which can happen as you add the large tank and other parts. This machine is an off-road weapon. Watch the video for the full test. 

Dirt N’ Iron 



Full Engine build make 250cc into 300cc with porting and head mod and engine assy

Vertex Pistons     

300cc Pro Replica Piston kit  (ring, pin and clips)

Hot Rods                               

Complete Bottom end kitIncludes complete crankshaft, main bearing seal kit and complete engine gasket kit



Lectron 38mm high velocity Carb With Throttle Cable


Large Fuel Tank


Rear Stealth SprocketFront SprocketO-Ring Chain


Uni Filter

Two-Stage air filter

Hinson Clutch Components

Clutch Cover 

FMF Racing

Gnarly PipeTurbinecore 2 silencer



V-Force 4 Reed Cage 


Front Fender 2013 KTMFront Number plate 2013 KTM ShroudsFork guardsRear fender sectionMud Flap


P3 Carbon

FMF Pipe carbon guardCarbon Skid plate


All Balls

Rear Brake Pedal RebuildShock Bearings rebuild kitSwing arm rebuild kit Fork Rebuild KitShock internals rebuild kitFuel Valve Rebuild kitChain RollersCounter Shaft Rebuild kit


Dunlop Tire

AT81 front  D803GP rear  


Works Connection

Hour Meter and mount   Brake CapsStandRotating bar ClampSteering Stem NutAir CapsFork Air Bleeders


DeCal Works                             

Semi-Custom Graphics kitPre printed number plates backgrounds


Trail Tech

KickstandEndurance 2 read out and mounting


TM Designworks            

Chain guide and chain block

Moto Seat                

Custom Cool seat cover


Front RotorRear rotor Hardware for rotors and sprocket Complete Wheel setFront Brake line Brake pads front and rearShifterBrake PedalRear Rotor Guard


Bullet Proof Designs

Radiator Guards

Fasst Co

Foot PegsFlexx Bars Hand Guards for Flexx bars


Race Tech

Suspension Re-Valve and set up

Cycra Racing

Front Fender Bracket to allow updated yearCV4 Rad Cap 


San Diego Powder Coating      

Sandblasting, powder with super-durable clear, and “race prep masking"

Vapor Honing Restoration

Blasting of Swing arm, Triple Clamps and Kick StarterKTM OEM Frame GuardsKTM OEM Air Box coverKTM Powerparts Lock On GripsKTM Powerparts Clutch Master


  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby015
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby015 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby011
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby011 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby017
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby017 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby013
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby013 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby007
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby007 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby010
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby010 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby004
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby004 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby018
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby018 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby012
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby012 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby016
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby016 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby008
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby008 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby005
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby005 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby026
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby026 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby006
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby006 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby002
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby002 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby019
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby019 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby027
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby027 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby009
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby009 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby021
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby021 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby003
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby003 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby028
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby028 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby025
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby025 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby024
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby024 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby033
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby033 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby020
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby020 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby014
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby014 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby032
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby032 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby029
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby029 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby031
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby031 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby030
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby030 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby022
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby022 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby023
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby023 Simon Cudby
  • 2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby001
    2004KTM250SXoffroad-Cudby001 Simon Cudby

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