2019 Husqvarna TC125 Build - Racer X Online


We were offered a ride on this very cool Husqvarna 125 built by the guys at Wiseco. They didn’t go crazy with motor mods but instead kept the changes very simple to focus on their latest piston, the Racer Elite series. This piston is designed for serious racers and it is the only change made to the internals. A Pro Circuit pipe and silencer is paired to it as well. They added some WP Cone Valve forks and a Trax shock and a bunch of Husqvarna hard parts as well and the result is a really fun bike.


www.wiseco.comWiseco Racer Elite 125sx Piston # RE904M05400 $162.00Top end gasket kit # W6983  $66.25Hour meter with log book # W8063 $36.95

Top end bearing # 1013  $1850 


Air filter # 52.62016 $22.95Front brake disc # 37.BD16290 $62.50Rear brake disc # 37.BD26190 $62.50Drive chain # 07.RC520120XCG $113.95Front sprocket # 07.FS62093-13

Alloy rear sprocket # 07.RA62090- 50 . $50.95 


Clutch cover # RMS-390 $159.00 


Carbon tech reeds $79.95

WP Suspension 

www.wp-group.comWP cone valve spring fork

WP Traxs shock 

Husqvarna power parts 

www.husqvarna-motorcycles.com/accessories/Factory triple clamps #2620199902168Factory start button #25101996000Lock-on grips set #790021211001Flex brake lever #8131390204468Clutch lever #7800293110068Hour meter #81312920000Brake fluid reservoir # 81313903000Clutch reservoir cover #81302933044

FootBrake lever step plate #25513951000

Pro Circuit

www.procircuit.comWorks Pipe TC125   $254.06

R-304 Silencer TC125   $141.71 

Moto Seat

Custom seat cover

  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0001
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0001 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0003
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0003 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0007
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0007 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0021
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0021 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0008
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0008 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0004
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0004 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0013
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0013 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0015
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0015 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0014
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0014 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0005
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0005 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0010
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0010 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0022
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0022 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0009
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0009 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0012
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0012 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0016
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0016 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0020
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0020 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0002
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0002 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0018
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0018 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0019
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0019 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0017
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0017 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0006
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0006 Simon Cudby
  • 2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0011
    2019HusqTC125-Feb19-Cudby-0011 Simon Cudby

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